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Re: [PC] [16+] Black Widow Company

by BWC-Sanctem

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[PC] [16+] Black Widow Company

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Black Widow Company




We are an international community that plays multiple games, with a large player base in NA and EU. We are a veteran-run, military-style, multi-game Company. You can expect a highly organized unit that provides training, teamwork, and a professional gaming attitude. Roughly half of our members are active-duty military, prior service, retired, and/or combat veteran. Note, a military background is NOT required (I don’t have one).


We have been around for 14+ years, and we don’t intend on going anywhere. Most of us are working stiffs who just like to play one or more of the many games we support as a community.


Anthem is our latest undertaking and we're recruiting people to join the Company and play with us. 


If interested please head over to, sign up and apply under Anthem. You'll probably be gotten back to pretty quickly so check back often.


As a heads up, there's a two week trial period where you'll be expected to complete an onboarding which is a 15-30 minute conversation with someone to give you info and set you up for success within the Company.


If you have any questions, please feel free to post here or message me on discord. Discord will generally be the fastest way to get ahold of me. (Thanateos#7733)


Hope to see you around,


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Re: [PC] [16+] Black Widow Company

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A ham sandwich walks into a bar to order a beer. The bartender looks at the sandwich and says "No, sorry we don't serve food here."
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Re: [PC] [16+] Black Widow Company

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What do you call a fish without eyes? Fsh.

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Re: [PC] [16+] Black Widow Company

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Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? Great food, no atmosphere.
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Re: [PC] [16+] Black Widow Company

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What do you call a freezing vampire? Frostbite.
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Re: [PC] [16+] Black Widow Company

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If you ever get cold, stand in a corner. They're usually 90 degrees.
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Re: [PC] [16+] Black Widow Company

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With 1.04 coming out tomorrow we're continuing to grow as a community. We're currently running 3 operations weekly. Come join a great community!
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Re: [PC] [16+] Black Widow Company

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I had an experience with Planetside 2 division in this clan.


Tons of drama kids doing harrasment to eatch other... and the leadership let this go...


i just do not encourage people to join BWC.

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Re: [PC] [16+] Black Widow Company

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As I'm aware roughly a year ago there was a rough patch during transition of leadership. That said I've experienced no drama in multiple divisions. Harassment isn't tolerated either. Sorry ya had that experience. That said I fully believe BWC is a great community.
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