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Looking for Lancers!

by DemonDial

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Looking for Lancers!

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★★ Apprentice

Add me to friends on:

PC Origin: DemonDial


PS4: Shezmu 


Whether a casual or hardcore player, rank 1 or rank 10 Alliance, total noob or god of war. Doesn't matter to me one bit. 


Not looking for a big clan or gaming community, just a couple chill folks to play with on occasion, do dailies, strongholds or whatever. Earn Alliance coin and have fun.


"Freemark has fallen to the Dominion and we Freelancers have lost many of our number. The people don't believe in us anymore. We have lost our way.


The Cataclysms have only gotten worse, and there are fewer Lancers than ever to silence them and protect our way of life.


Some of us have given up on being Freelancers. We have lost friends, family and loved ones to the recent events that have plagued us. 


But I call to you now, my brothers and sisters, that we may band together in this trying time and fight back!


Join with me! Let's show the people that we are still here, that we are still fighting! 


Many of us have felt like we are alone lately. It seems like all the Freelancers are gone, and you are all that remains. "


I'm here to tell you that you are NOT alone. I am here. Call when you're alone (or not) and I will answer (probably, most of the time).


We are strong alone, but we are stronger together!



Thank you for your time.


edited to correct auto spell and make additions.

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Re: Looking for Lancers!

★★★★★ Novice

Sent request, my Origin ID is same as here.

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Re: Looking for Lancers!

★★ Apprentice

Awesome, I got you bud. Thanks! 


Looking forward to gaming with ya!

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