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Re: LFG Thread

by DBLDeathDealer

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LFG Thread

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Well, there are already some threads about clans/guilds looking for players, but what if you feel like you won't suit them?


The correct answer is to start from the over the side!


And of course, those guild/clan leaders and recruiters will feel much better to just sometimes hop into this thread for potential recruits.




I'll start! Standard smile


Looking for a casual clan. I've got years of experience in wow, lotro, swtor including hardcore competitive PvE on the level of top 20-100 world (well I was younger and had a lot of time :D).


Nowadays at working days, I'm hardcoring at my job, so don't have time for gaming, but on weekends I for sure will spend time in anthem! Standard smile


Time zone is EU. Languages - EN / RU  (and yes I don't like to play in the toxic Russian community lately and prefer international guilds)


If anyone will need a tanky spanky colossus with hands from the right place - I'll be happy to join! Standard smile



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Re: LFG Thread

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@Cybertronix we would love to have you over in


Let me know if you have any questions.  See you on the battlefield.

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Re: LFG Thread

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Team Protomolecule is always open and welcome to anyone! Please feel free to chat with us on discord: or check out or guilded page:

See you in the field!

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Re: LFG Thread

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Casual is literally in our name Standard smile Come join Us, Causal Gaming Crew

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