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LFG App to find other players with the same goal

by aw31n

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LFG App to find other players with the same goal

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I'm having a hard time really enjoying Anthem. All the amazing good things get spoiled by its unfinished state.

And I'm not only talking about all the bugs like sudden game exits, missing sound, connection problems, etc.

Also the lack of "tools" for building a community is quite...disappointing.


No API, no text chat, barely anyone talking from matchmaking, a useless thing called Launch bay...


Finding someone who wants to do the same thing at the same time is a pain in the *.

Browsing around in forums and discord servers or asking everyone in your friends list takes too much of my time and is just no fun at all.


If you compare that to Destiny and how things work there, Anthem suddenly feels like Bizarro world...


Out of my frustration I created an Android app with an LFG feature similar to Destiny's Companion App.

If you type in "Anthem" and "Helper" in Play Store, you might find it. 

And if I ever manage to get enough users, we might enjoy some destiny-style fireteam finding...


Until then, feel free to add me on Origin: aw31n

I'm always up for shenanigans


@EA/Bioware: If you really want an engaging community, give us a public database + API

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