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Re: Anthem Friends

by DemonDial

Original Post

Anthem Friends

★★★★ Novice

Anybody interested in being my Anthem friend? Not necessarily wanting to game together but certainly not opposed to it. All of my 'friends' have pretty much ditched Anthem, thus, my weekly Alliance bonus is terrible. Since the game came out I have always maxed out the weekly alliance bonus and I am looking for others who generally do the same.....more coin for everybody! Leave a reply and I'll send you a Friend Request through Origin.

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Re: Anthem Friends

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Yo, you can add me if ya want. DaboTheDuck is my gamertag. I have all my javelins capable of GM2 but mostly play my ranger or storm.

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Re: Anthem Friends

★★★★★ Novice

Always happy to fly with fellow Freelancers! :-)
My EA tag is the same as here; CommanderWacky. 

Strong Alone, Stronger Together!

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Re: Anthem Friends

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You can add me m8 Wink impullse101
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Re: Anthem Friends

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My Tag is PoppedWeasel if you wanna add me. i been playing since pre launch. love the game and i think its loads of fun

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Re: Anthem Friends

★★★★★ Novice

I'm only interested in the Weekly Alliance bonus. If thats ok and you need 1 more, a request is welcome. Standard smile


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Re: Anthem Friends

★★★★ Novice

Add me 

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Re: Anthem Friends

★★ Apprentice
I recently picked up a copy of Anthem for PC, but have no friends on Origin, or on PC right now for that matter. Most of the people I played games with previously haven't logged on in a year or more.

Like you, I'm not opposed to playing together but if we just bump each other's coin count then that's good enough for me too.

I've been rank 10 Alliance on PS4 for a month prior to this week, but friends there either not playing Anthem or playing only rarely.

Currently soloing through the main story on PC but it shouldn't take too long to get back on GM2. Anyway, add me if ya like.
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