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Add a “paint all car” vinyl instrument

by JohnWasaw

Original Post

Add spoiler to Lexus LFA

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In real life Lexus LFA has a spoiler, why it hasn’t in game?

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When will be added series, usual cars?

★★★★ Newbie

I want Tesla model S, Kia Stinger, Aventador SVJ, Toyota Supra, Mitsubishi Lancer, Subaru Impreza, Audi R8 v 10 2018, Corvette ZR1 2019,  Dodge Charger hellcat 2018, Acura NSX, BMW M5 and so on, but not GT4 cars or specific race cars or new Porsche 911 RSR 2099..

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When will be added brakes crash?

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As we all know, in real life, when you drive stock cars on a track, their brakes began to crash. When it will be in the game?

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When will be added new rims?

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The game NEED new rims, Please, add them

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Add a “paint all car” vinyl instrument

★★★★ Newbie

We have only mirror and the second one (don’t know how it in English). The second one can’t make beautiful gradient vinyl. Adding “paint all car” will make more ways to paint cars beautiful 

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GT4 cars

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Why GT4 cars have so big clutch? It’s the least of GT classes by upgrading. Why they are so good at races? 

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