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ToY Combo Build

by CaptUVentris

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ToY Combo Build

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★ Apprentice

Weapons: Cycle of Pain/Thunderbolt of Yvenia


Cycle of Pain [legendary] for the dense packs/big weakpoint close range uptime. 

+28% Dmg overall/ +13% Phsy Dmg overall/ +9% Weap Mag Size overall/ +150% weapon ammo on CoP.


Thunderbolt of Yvenia For the shield melting, mid to long range dps capability.  From what I've seen, the electricity damage does not have a falloff range.

+95% weapon dmg on ToY/ +17% R1 speed (irrelevant)/ +30% Support speed


Assault launcher: 

Recurring Vengeance



Grand Opening [legendary]  (applies to ToY proc) 



Giant Slayer

Elemental Ops

Second Wind

Vanguard's Badge (electric effect boost applies to ToY proc dmg.

Tip of the Spear

Airborne Advantage


The main weapon I stick with is ToY - I actively hunt shielded targets including hunters.  ToY procs melt the shield, and then the combos roll in.  Melee + Recurring for combo one.  As Electrical debuff is wearing off, 5 shots with thunderbolt.  Acid debuff applied, Recurring vengeance combo #2.  If the enemy isn't dead, or if the team is focusing target, I'll hide behind cover to reload.  Electricity debuff is gone before the shield regens, fly in and melee, recurring vengeance for combo #3.  Stack Acid again for recurring #4. Rinse and Repeat.  If you get lucky with your ToY procs, you'll destroy a legendary hunter on GM2 in 2 combo rotations if all of your buffs are maintained (easy to do).  Legendary Scouts are generally dead after 1 combo rotation on GM2. GM 3 is 3 combos. It's super easy to apply status effects for recurring vengeance, and after the buff on recurring vengeance, you'll always have it up if you hit a combo. 

Javelin is only lvl 676 as of now, enjoying the build and looking for more legendary items to swap in.

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Re: ToY Combo Build

★★★★★ Apprentice

Generals Favour - Component Ranger Generals Favor.jpg
Increase assault recharge by [40]%.
Hitting an enemy with melee increases grenade damage by [45]% for [10]s.


What about this instead of Airborne Advantage since you stay on the ground using Melee?



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Re: ToY Combo Build

★ Apprentice

I enjoy ToY, other awesome weapons to try out are Divine Vengeance and Ralnerz Blaze great massive DPS Weapons

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Re: ToY Combo Build

★ Apprentice

As my build focuses more on single target combos with a blast damage reduction, I take Airborne Advantage.  Most of the time, I am hovering to avoid being melee'd from the back (depending on the situation).   The cooldown on Grand Opening is short enough to keep the buff up 100% of the time, so there's no real need to spam grenades.  

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Re: ToY Combo Build

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★ Apprentice

I've tried out Ralnerz and DV, but frankly the marksmen rifle is better for my playstyle.  Prefer to play at a small distance as to not be flanked in higher difficulties.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but the effective damage MAX range for marksmen rifle is much further than assault rifles, meaning I can proc ToY from further away before I fly up to engage an open enemy.

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Re: ToY Combo Build

★ Apprentice

As far as i have noticed the proc damage on all weapons doesnt really change its just the on-hit bullet damage that scales with the distance.

I hover from time to time if there wolven around and im feeling a little lazy to button mash, the DV is quite accurate on most targets from fair distance, its no sniper or marksman rifle but the procs do happen. On targets like brutes RB melts them with their large hit boxes, every 6 shots hitting for 50-60k and pretty much any distance, well as long as they are visible =P


I have played with ToY, the one i had, didnt have a very good roll, so maybe include your roll and end stats so we can see the difference =P

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