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Seeking Missile not Detonating

by Dilute7

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Seeking Missile not Detonating

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Is there a reason that Seeking Missile often does not detonate primed targets? Bug or intentional? Thanks 

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Betreff: Seeking Missile not Detonating

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You mean because it only makes "plop" when hitting a target?

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Re: Seeking Missile not Detonating

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Combos can only be detonated once per prime.  So maybe your teammates are getting their detonators in before you?
Also, once you prime with a specific element, you can't re-prime with that element until it wears off (which usually takes about 10 seconds).

So for example, if you melee/frag/melee/seeker, then your seeker isn't going to detonate a combo because the second melee didn't re-prime.

But you use Ralner's to prime with fire/frag/melee/seeker, then you should get 2 combos because you primed with 2 different elements.  (assuming your teammates didn't get detonators in before your frag/seeker.)

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