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Re: Seeker Missile Suggestions

by Crapow

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Seeker Missile Suggestions

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At higher level options, have missiles stack up 2 or 3. 


Keep the recharge timer the same. These are life savers when out of ammo and need to drop a lower level enemy quickly. Far too many times on hard where I'd be out of ammo and just sitting behind cover shooting a seeker missile and having to wait for it to recharge. I can understand the guns being less powerful than the javelins but some design decisions in the abilities don't make the javelins seem that much more powerful.

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Re: Seeker Missile Suggestions

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I believe you can find gear with inscriptions that increase the number of charges of skills.
Saw some +100% charges on the DEMO but I'm not sure if they were working...

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Re: Seeker Missile Suggestions

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Also, I was kinda liking the idea of a cluster missle kind of thing. Not unlike the tracker grenades. Or even doing them up like how tomahawk missiles are irl. Some are precision. Some drop clusters of explosive. Some are fire bombs. Etc etc

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Re: Seeker Missile Suggestions

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I heard there is a masterwork passive that resets CD on it if you kill something.

Multiple charges would mean you could keep on comboing on melee CD with it (currently if you want that you have to bring frags with you) freeing up your grenade slot. That might be too strong, since you could bring CC for example.

What I would like to have though is better tracking. It's extremely annoying that the missile just ignores a primed target and hits something else.
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