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Rangers need more oomph

by Achi11ies

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Re: Rangers need more oomph

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well I'm a ranger and i got like 6-7 masterwork items right now. My AOE is definitely not as good a the AOE of a storm (not matter what ...) my single target dmg is okay I guess but couldn't say I'm a boss slayer or big dude killer. My ult feels quiteweek and is probably best used to restore health and shields or gap some time until i can throw another grenade.


As said I'm not having all masterworks yet but it does not seem that my masterwork grenade does hit much harder (even with combos) than other jav's can do with their abilities although it "forces" me to go poison dart so i got a primer ability myself, has a flight time and is probably a bit harder to hit from a distance than many other abilities.


I do not feel underpowered but it's okay on grandmaster 1 i guess. Takes quite some grenades with quite some cooldown to bring down bigger targets (maybe 5-6 dunno exactly). The ult well when lucky ur doing the damage of like 2-3 grenades - on GR1 an ult rocket does normally removes like 50-70% of an enemies health (weakest enemies!).


It quite okay to play as a ranger but I guess the ult and the detonation effect could get some love to make it feel more impactful.


Since I do not own all masterworks yet i cannot tell whether there's a homing missile build where you fulfill the role of single target melter but "last argument" masterwork grenade does not really do that. Ye sure it's AOE but honestly... the range on the grenade is good enough to hit 1-2 enmies. If ur lucky you hit 3-5 but then they might not be primed so damage is substancially lower anyway ^^


Don't take this as "the ranger is bad" - i love to play ranger - but there's room for improvements since this is also only GR1 ;-)

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Re: Rangers need more oomph

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With full masterwork components designed around my melee strike, it hits for about 10k, has an aoe prime if you use it correctly between mobs, toss a grenade and cya later. Papa Pump with double weapon damage rolls and you absolutely shred mobs on GM2 solo. Just have to find the right inscriptions and stack everything up with what you want to do.

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Re: Rangers need more oomph

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This is all great and all. But I would encourage you to read the following reddit post and especially khrucible.


It might be a bit ranty, but hes exactly right about Rangers current state imo. Im not saying its unplayable. Its just every other class is better as practically everything. The fact that you can make it work to some extent is great, that doesnt mean that the class itself is lacking in design and throughput compared to the other classes.



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Re: Rangers need more oomph

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@IAmScyther wrote:

With full masterwork components designed around my melee strike, it hits for about 10k, has an aoe prime if you use it correctly between mobs, toss a grenade and cya later. 

Those numbers are only reinforcing our argument: 10k damage is garbage.

How much is your grenade hitting for? 10k? 15k? 


My 488 Ranger is geared for blast damage: Blast Missile hits for 14k now (thanks to the latest nerf) and my grenade hits for 12k.


I rerolled a Storm (459), out of frustration. The storm has sub-optimal stats. I have a frost / lightning build. Each lightning strike hits for 27k to 32k in AoE.


If I had the same gear as my ranger, I would expect lighting strike between 35k and 50k.


And dont even get me started on the ult (which comes back much faster on Storm because of AoE combos):


10k-12k per missile on my Ranger from memory?


45k Frost Bolt, 70k lightning Bolt, 45k fire bolt = 160k AoE damage, per monster in the AoE! And I am not even including dot damage from the fire bolt.


Absolutely no comparison.

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Re: Rangers need more oomph

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Yeah, I also stack Blast Damage up the wazoo with Truth of Tarsis and such and my ult does about same damage that my Storm's ult does 60 gear levels lower without any MW items.


Heck, if you use ult in bad spot - some of its its missiles can explode into ceiling/walls totally wasting them, where with Storm you just point, click and laugh.


I do think that other than that Ranger can stack a lot of single target damage with impact/weapon damage build, but that makes your ult even more pathetic. My full impact/weapon build does around 35k damage single shot with Papa Pump, but its ult does like frikkin' 6k damage per missile. I'm not kidding - 2 shots from my shotgun outdo my ultimate.


Heck, now that I think about it - with impact build my weapons outDPS my ult, simply because when I shoot that Papa Pump - I shoot it in some specific *'s face I want to take out, while ult is both taking time to charge and often simply sprinkles its pathetic damage all around, so not even focusing on what I actually want to kill.

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Re: Rangers need more oomph

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The argument being made that Rangers are good at single target is only half full. You can do a spike of insane damage, then on a cooldown. A storm can put out strong dps, single target dps, consistently. With ease. Enjoyably.

Whenever Im on my ranger, Im waiting for that perfect moment to line up the big hit, hope I get it off and hit the weakspot, and then get behind cover again because I know Im about to be thirsted by 50 mobs.

The overall gameplay of the Ranger is sporadic, inconsistant, ill defined, not satisfying.

As comparison, I put in a total of almost 80 hours into Anthem at the moment. Probably 60 of them are Ranger and Ive had highs and lows. Some good wins and horrible struggles.

Last night I loaded up my colossus, within 30 minutes, hes over ilvl 400, wrecking house, not dying a lot, Im not worried about where the next big hit is coming from. Im combo'ing the world. It was smooth.

Tonight, I picked up my woefully undergeared storm and headed straight into Gm1 absolutely obliterating everything with ease. Such an easy night of Anthem. Didnt break a sweat. And I had maybe 5 hours of Storm gameplay experience (and gear) prior.

But then I think about the 60 hours of Ranger and all the min maxing Ive had to do...and I don't want to do it anymore when I can be a dime a dozen storm or colossus, and play comfortably.
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Re: Rangers need more oomph

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All very valid points here! I'm 400+ and all he is really good for is mopping up ads.

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Re: Rangers need more oomph

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First of all: ackillez? Brother is that you? Lol


Secondly. The excuse of "he a single target focus javeline" is a croc of *. Especially when, as mentioned, you have to prime and detonate and shoot and wait for the right chance and hope they're shield doesnt regen before your grenade comes back or you reload. Added to the fact that in very rare instances are you in a situation where you can effectively focus one target at a time. Not even gonna mention how little damage his abilites to compared to others. Meanwhile, a storm floats by and casually throws a fire ball at the target you've been chewing at and melts the SOB instantly.  Case in point: I went to fight the monitor for the first time all rare gear, gear level was around 240, and Mind you I play solo. And ofcourse I had my ranger. Made it through the first couple bits alright, played hell with that section with the sheild gorilla things and the furries cause I couldnt get they're sheild down without all of them ganabanging me. Finally got to the boss fight. First arena. Cleared. Acid arena. Could keep up with the ads, the acid blast, and do enough damage to beat change stages. Rage quote after dying over and over for two hours. Swapped to my white and green geared storm, 110 something. Cleared the entire boss fight in less than 20 minutes. Fireballed and lighting blast comboed the gorillaz and furries. And just hovered around the monitor and peppered him with abilities and devastator fire.....THAT right there. Should tell you the difference in ability. You shouldnt HAVE to play a specific javelin in order to enjoy the game

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Re: Rangers need more oomph

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Sure is bro! Lets squad up and be team Ackilliez haha. Wink

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Re: Rangers need more oomph

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You on PC? I'm down lol
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