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Re: Rangers need more oomph

by Kurtomis

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Re: Rangers need more oomph

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Yup PC bro lol.

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Re: Rangers need more oomph

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It seems that Ranger can handle up to GM2 right now.  Not sure if there is an efficient way into GM3 yet. GM2 Ranger


Still needs a few more gear tweaks.  Build is in the description.  

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Re: Rangers need more oomph

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I kinda like the Ranger's playstyle but it took a while and gear options to get there. Something does feel amiss with the class though I agree. Still trying to figure out if it's the support abilities or ultimate; or both.

I see a lot of Rangers not utilizing their shock mace melee to rip through shielded foes, prime them, and then follow up with a detonation for bonus combo damage; then tactically retreating. Maybe if melee hits replenished sheilds that'd incentivize that core play behaviour...

I also see lots of people not using their support abilities. Bulwark point is good for hero reviving foes. I prefer muster point though to increase weapon DPS of myself and allies while gear recharges.

The ranger isn't about killing lots of little foes but killing the most annoying foes (sheilds and armor) before they can be a nuance.

The only thing I've yet to 'get' about the Ranger is their Ultimate. I love it's mechanics and versatility (barrage a single foe or many little foes) but it feels very inconsistent. Locking speed maybe the culprit. Also not being able to reduce speed doing the 'fly-by' version is annoying...

I think it'd be cool to make the Ranger the master of flight mode. They feel like fighter jets, so heat build-up while flying slowly could be slowed to give them their own niche ability among the other classes.
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Re: Rangers need more oomph

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I Also Main Ranger, they can fit into multiple scenarious depending on what build you have chosen, you can't Frankenstein a bunch of components and weapons together and expect to be OP,

A great degree of skill is also involved, this isnt a flat plain shooter where you stand and shoot on a level terrain, you have 360 degree movement, jump, dash, fly, smash, bow up, dodge and proc. The Ranger has potential to be an extremely powerful javelin, being able to solo some of the hardest GM3 legendary enemies with the right dodges and builds.

I dont think we are underpowered at all, i do however feel the jumping in and out of combat aspect needs to be optimised, as id rush in, smash and prime a few enemies and throw off some darts and detonate a few mobs then dash out right into the barrel of a shotgun. So i would rather have a better radial enemy awareness interface rather than more raw power as i can already chip away at nearly any enemies hp with high survivability.

If you are below 700 and complaining about feeling underpowered, just hang in there till you hit 760+, Farm your heart out for a Divine Vengeance, and then work on your Javelin component structure and try and get complimenting builds and stat rolls. its not easy, but inevitably, this is the end goal, if you wish to face endgame content that will hopefully still be released.

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Re: Rangers need more oomph

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Imo. Ranger is in a very good state. I have both a ranger and storm at masterwork over 700.


I would have to say ranger is my favorite to farm gm3s.


The sad part of ranger is that its very gear specific reliant inorder to be effective solo or in grp.


1. You need a ralners blaze and seigebreaker (mw guns) to prime your targets


2. You need a last argument nade with atleast 100% charge attribute.


3. You need the emergency power component.


4. You need the tip of the spear component (so combos heal the grp)


Ranger is basically an ulti spamming javelin in practice... if played correctly you can pull off 2-3 ultis every 2 mins.


Along with combos. That is a lot of dmg done! 

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Re: Rangers need more oomph

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With the last patch, the Elemental Ops applies acid state with a 5-hit streak. You also have your melee strike to prime enemies.

This way, more builds are possible. Wink
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