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Ranger needs work

by Cesmode8

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Ranger needs work

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Its unfortunate that I can't play the ranger the way I want to play it, not even close.  


There are a few builds out there, most of which require 10x the effort in a mission to be anywhere near as viable as colossus or storm.  I simply feel that this class does not have any identity.  


Colossus is your meatshield, large amounts of spike aoe damage, and usually save the day with their rezzes (via holding up a shield whilst doing so).

Storm is your all output damage king.  Aoe, single target, primer, detonator...whatever you need it can do.

Interceptor does need work as well, but we know what kind of gameplay you can expect from an interceptor.


Where does the Ranger fit in?  Are we priming via melee and running double det?  Are we running all primers and support via group support inscriptions (there are a few that provide armor to teammates), muster point etc?  Are we saved for semi frequent large spikes of damage via an ultimate build (something Ive done and it works, but youre useless until your ult comes back).  Whats the identity here?  Whats the gameplay style?


I picked up an all primer build from another poster on the forums and maybe it'll work.  But I never wanted to use venom darts or simply prime for other people to blow stuff up.  I saw the ranger as an explosive heavy, fire heavy, gun damaging archetype.  Not shooting green darts.  Aside from the one inscription that provides bonus damage to guns and muster point, I thought we would have more available to us to make our guns hit WAY harder than any storm running a wyvern strike, for example.  


We excel at nothing, we do not have an identity.  We are all over the place.




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Re: Ranger needs work

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I’ve been rubbing venom darts and drag grenade which has been working out fantastically for me. Double primer and of course the frag remade dent.


agree we def aren’t putting out damage like the storm or colossus but I find with this set up and my style of playing I’m like a covert ops specialist. Go in take out some snipers blow all my cool downs on some turrets and enerslly just support the team.


thats my 2-cents. I totally agree with you that we do sort of lack an identity. I guess they really meant it by jack of all trades, master of none.

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