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Ranger needs some AOE Help

by InoshaTRynn

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Ranger needs some AOE Help

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So I noticed that when setting up Combos, the other Javelins are able to do this to get fast AOE kills. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this in Ranger, and I don't think it's possible. I'm noticing as I level up and start playing on higher difficulties that success is dependent on fast AOE kills which Ranger simply cannot do without having the benefit of creating this AOE Combo. I get we're supposed to be in a team, but I'm not always in a team and I like playing the critical path/contract missions solo so I can focus on the story that's being told.


I also get why we want to make the Assault Launcher the detonator component and not the melee strike, but that limits Ranger to single-target Combos, which isn't doing it any favors. I know grenades an be used, but that seems to be sacrificing my ability to still create AOE damage (see Seeker/Fire grenade which I like a lot because I am more dependent on weapon kills than gear kills). If I try to build an Elemental Ranger, what ends up happening is that I'm sitting there forever spraying everything with acid or hitting things with the sword (which I notice can prime more than one target) and then either lighting off a single (one) missile or tossing a frag grenade and running for my life. Also the fire grenades, I can prime the targets but it seems like I can only get one combo at a time where as Colossus can just smash the ground and she gets combos on everyone.


Also Gear cooldowns can be improved. I was just in a mission and I noticed consistently when I had enemies primed my detonator would be on cooldown longer than the target would stay primed, so I wound up having to use my guns more. I run out of ammo a lot doing this.

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