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Re: Ranger needs a buff

by edimus1

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Ranger needs a buff

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After playing all four javelins to some degree at endgame, having played Ranger the most, Ranger definitely needs a boost (followed closely by interceptor).


Colossus is pretty stud right now, especially if you can get one of the colossus components that increases armor by 10k+ (with this, you'll very rarely go down and makes gameplay much more enjoyable).


Storm is an utter joke.  Completely undergeared via ilvl 370, I was able to fly around in grandmaster 1 and destroy most mobs with ease and not take a lot of damage.  Granted a legendary Wyvern Blitz helps a ton when picking off enemy weak spots 19-20k per hit...the javelin abilities clear entire groups.  I quickly snagged some componants (no where near done), and its all just utterly easy.  Storm was by far the easiest to play, smoothest to play, and probably most enjoyable because from top to bottom, abilities to weapons, it all synergizes amazingly well.


Ranger...I've found it difficult to build a strong ranger because I don't think he excels at anything.  Resistance pen?  Single target?  I think a decently equipped interceptor or storm can do as good of a job.  Im not a huge fan of priming with melee to detonate.,  I think the cooldowns are a bit long considering what we need to do in order to kill anything (especially considering the near NO cooldown that Storm has for most or all abilities).


I did manage to get a masterwork Last Argument on my Ranger that adds 700% Ult charge per enemy hit.  Couple that with Ult charge speed, etc...and Im getting ultimates pretty damn fast.  Im trying to make a build around that.  But I then slack in other areas of play. 


While a Ranger can prime and detonate, I'm having a hard time figuring out what his role really is.  What is his playstyle.. Its kind of all over the place.  And 'jack of all trades' / 'master of none' archetypes are difficult to make useful.


Consider improving the life of a Ranger.





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Re: Ranger needs a buff

★★★★★ Novice

As a followup, I just completed a GM1 run of Tyrant with a full primer/support ranger build to see if that felt any better.  Not really.  While it was a very smooth run, partially because my teammates knew what they were doing, I didn't feel impactful.


I heard a lot of combo's going off, but Im not sure if they were because of my primers or someone elses.  And since Im running a full primer build, I wasn't detonating anything.  How do I know how impactful I was?  How do I know if primers overlap, or which primer is selected to be combo'd off of?  My venom darts or the interceptors acid prime?  And there was zero need to user muster point.  People were blowing everything up with abilities.  


I felt useless.  Non impactful or important.  This is the point that Im getting at with identity.  What role did I fill and how well did I do it?  I have no idea.


Yet, if I run with my storm, I know Im doing something because im melting non shielded mobs, destroying weakspots with wyvern strike... it synergizes well, and fits well.  I feel satisfied because my role felt visceral.  I was able to see it in action.


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Re: Ranger needs a buff

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I totally agree Ranger does need looking at. While I enjoy the "jack of all trades" I do not enjoy the "master of none" aspect. he is just a weapon toting shooter with abilities being "meh" at best when compared to the rest. With Storm and the thic boy being OP in comparison.


70hrs in and mostly MW items he is very underpowered as a solo player. His combo even though self priming and detonating does not chain, not even to touching neighbours. His loadout is just frost grenade, pulse blast or seeking missile and devastator sniper, anything else and it's just not good enough for GM+

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Re: Ranger needs a buff

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I also think he could do with a shield upgrade. Maybe a secondary backup shield that just gives him a bit more lastability.

Storm has a shield when flying, Colossus has a shield he carries, the interceptor can move about so he doesn't need a shield which leaves the ranger just kind of standing there getting blasted.

Most of the time everyone else has to carry the Ranger. That's not good balancing Standard smile
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Re: Ranger needs a buff

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Ranger is my main but ,  After playing Storm and Colossus . Ranger is Underpowered and needs Some help . maybe Bulwark can  protect 100% but for a limited Time and Master Work Version could Completely heal or give an Over shield. and muster point should give a Slight Defensive Buff while Still providing that 20 % Damage . Spark Beam should Prime  and Frost Grenades needs a Bigger Radius Compared to Storms Frost Abilities its a Joke ( actually all Grenades ) . Some Components Need some love as well,  Like Badge of Devastation is Either Broken or needs a serious buff . Never seems to Work . 

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