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Ranger items that must be fixed

by PapaSohan

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Ranger items that must be fixed

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First, I really enjoy this game right now, and I really enjoy playing as a Ranger, but there are two things that absolutely must change about this class' abilites.


1. Please rework all mw/leg components which give extra melee damage for Rangers. I literally cannot imagine a scenario where extra melee damage, or getting shields back for melee kills, would help a Ranger. Maybe if there wasn't a 2 second cooldown for melee, or maybe if the base damage was 5x as high, but right now it is useful as a primer and that's it. The only component that might be useful would be something like "melee hits deal area of effect lighting damage/priming."


2. Bulwark point is utterly useless. When I first heard of this ability my thought was, "Yes, finally, I can be a defender Titan that can actually shoot out of his bubble." But the Bulwark point's health is pitifully low. In fact, it's so low, it makes me wonder if this ability was even play tested, which is sad. Bulwark point needs to have roughly 4x as much health as the Ranger. In fact, make it like Diablo and have the health actually scale 4x off of whatever the Ranger's actual health is. Then it is more meaningful for us to stack health. Balance by increasing the cooldown of Bulwark point so it can't be constantly spammed for invincibility.


Looking forward to all the improvements to this game - it has an excellent foundation.

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Re: Ranger items that must be fixed

★★★★ Novice

I agree with you 100 % . Bulwark is too Weak a couple of shots and its gone . It Should last for 15 or 20 seconds but be able to protect you and stop all Damage during that time . The Muster point should have that tiny bit t of defense the Current Bulwark has but the Bulwark should be Exactly that a Bulwark . what is up with the Badge of Devastation ? Its Either Broken or needs a Serious buff . 

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