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Ranger build against legendary foes (and others as well :p )

by Kurtomis

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Ranger build against legendary foes (and others as well :p )

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Using the following build can be very effective against legendary foes on GM2+.


1) Stuff :

  • Ralner's Blaze
  • Siege Breaker
  • Seeker missile
  • Seeker or Frag Grenade
  • Elemental Agent

2) Inscriptions :

  • + Mag Size on Ralner's Blaze (more interesting than DMG). Your objective is to stack fire effect, not impact damages. So the bigger the weapon magazine, the longer you can shoot and stack fire damages and more chances to fire prime the foe.
  • Gear CD
  • Combo DMG
  • Fire effect

3) Sigils

  • Combo Sigil
  • Gear Sigil
  • Ultimate Sigil

Shielded foes :

  • Use Ralner's Blaze to stack fire dot to take down the shield. (I get 9k fire damages on shields whereas Fire dots do 1,5k on health bars.) Don't waste gear cd on shields !
  • Prime foe using Ralner's Blaze, detonate it, switch to Siege Breaker, prime it and detonate it again. Rince and repeat.

Non shielded Foes :

  • Prime it with one weapon, detonate it
  • Switch to the other weapon, detonate it
  • Rince and repeat.

Actually, you can't chain prime a foe with the same elemental effect. But you can alternate elemental effects to chain prime foes. This build is wonderfull to target legendary foes. Moreover, you can even easily take down the yellow scar heavy foes using shield and flamethrower since you can prime them even if you do 0 damages to them.


The only limitation this build has is against fire enemies since you can't take down the shield easily... So beware of them.

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