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Ranger Melee GM3 freeplay

by Samtarios

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Ranger Melee GM3 freeplay

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Hey guys, want to share my frost pulse melee build, capable of gm3. 52k melee hit, combo spaming every 3 seconds. Still far from maximum potencial. Check it out!

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Re: Ranger Melee GM3 freeplay

★★★★ Novice
I pretty much have the same playstyle and items (more MW tho) but with some alterations. Got my puls blast with +225% dmg and it rocks Standard smile I just gotta recomend Last argument cause i find the aoe detonator so useful in many situations, like in your video (around 7 mins) when they are stacked, prime with melee and aoe detonate with grenade. The passive for ulti makes it quite spammable as a nice "oh *" button thats almost always ready. Double prime with Ralner's and melee is usually enough for me. Just my 2 cents
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Re: Ranger Melee GM3 freeplay

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ye hm...i agree with zixus there...mine was similar, even had my ralnars stacked to 40k per proc, but i switched completely off it because the aoe just wasnt there, running an ultimate build now. will post it later aswell
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