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Ranger MELEE gear.

by sirscientist

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Ranger MELEE gear.

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Probably a post similar to this but i'm just gonna go straight to the point.

Every piece of ranger gear that does something when you get a melee kill, change it. We do not have melee abilities, our normal melee is a primer. Therefore, we cannot get melee kills in grandmaster and above, it's not going to happen.

How this even made it to the game even after the massive delay in the release of the game i will never understand but this need to be addressed ASAP. You're giving us gear we cannot use because it is USELESS. Rework the gear, make it a top priority, it's completely destroyed me wanting to finish gearing up my ranger because the masterwork drops i keep getting are stuff that requires melee kills and it's garbage. It is a terrible experience for playing ranger.

I don't care how you do it, simply changing from gun kills buffs your skills or whatever, but something needs to be done and something good, not mediocre. 

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Re: Ranger MELEE gear.

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Yes, all the master work gear that has bonuses to melee doesn't work or add any dmg to rangers melee
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Re: Ranger MELEE gear.

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Melee is only good for collecting harvest in freeplay, it's faster than using item collect. The electric charge works but in higher level combat your dead, it needs to detonate not prime.

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