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Re: Ranger Durability

by rekindledflame

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Ranger Durability

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Level 23, all purple (I forget the number), but I try to gear for high armor and shields.


While I understand that the Ranger is supposed to be the jack-of-all trades but master of none javelin. 

I feel he needs a bit of a boost to shields and armor. The ranger should be the 2nd most durable class right after the colossus.

However I frequently watch both the int and storm soak up damage that would kill me.


Over the last week I've ran Tyrant Mine probably 20 times on hard.

The biting scorps one shot me. I live in constant fear.

Yet when Ints and storms come to revive me they do so while taking a bite from a scorp and then turning to fight.


You model the Ranger after War Machine. I need to feel a bit more like War Machine. I should be able to take and dish out damage. 

I understand I will never AoE like storm, tank like Colo, or move like Int.

But I should be great at single target, 75% as tough as a Colo, have high mobility, and have a couple options for aoe.

(If I'm making a wish list. The ranger should also have some passive constant effects. Like a Paladin or Captain (LOTRO) that automatically buffs teammates. Like when grouping with a ranger all teammates get a shield recharge buff, or something like that)


Anyway, does anyone feel like Rangers aren't as durable as they should be?

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Re: Ranger Durability

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I may complain about the damage output but I never complain about the sustain in the line of fire.. Sure we aren't colossus with 10k MW but we are fairly stong.. Also never use the univeral armor/shield comps.. They give so little to the other side that a 2 ranger comps will give as much while also giving you a bonus .. Once you start getting masterwork comps you will be getting 2126 armor/shield per .. At max level epics you get 509 each so one MW will make a huge jump. also items can drop with +%shields. 

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Re: Ranger Durability

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As the poster above mentions, it is really at the MW level that Ranger really comes into it's own in terms of sustain.  2k+ armor and shields on every MW component.  You also do get perks on some MW that benefit your teammates such as healing 40% armor on combo (sustain for you and team) if they're in your vicinity.  Granted there are still a lot of issue's with ranger (imo), but sustain isn't one of them at that gear level.  


Like you though, I did find Ranger oddly squishy at the Epic level in comparison to Storm etc.  That might be something they need to look into, but if you can tough it out and get some drops it does get better on that front.


On a side note, with the spiders in Tyrant mine, if the adds aren't being taken care of in a timely manner, as long as you are constantly bunny hopping, they won't hit you.  You just have to avoid the bosses webs which is telegraphed and can be dodged.

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