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Re: Ranger: Balwark and Pulse blast issues in Trial

by ShenronNacht

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Ranger: Balwark and Pulse blast issues in Trial

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I'm on Xbox, just finished the 10hr trial and ran both interceptor and ranger.

The interceptor was pretty much unchanged from the Demo but the Ranger felt much worse for wear?

Not sure if it's just a trial issue and the 1st day patch will resolve some of these things (or if it was just me and my xbox?) but there were a number of differences I noticed from Demo with the Ranger namely with mods:


My Balwark was getting one shot from a lot of things, namely elites and legendaries, some grenades and missiles, but it seemed like the minute I popped it, it was down again. In the Demo I found it was lasting much longer and taking enough damage to let me recharge my shield at least.


Also focused on using the Pulse Blast as it was stated to be a shield killer. Up against Dominion legendaries one fully charged blast at close to medium range would take down around 10% and about double that for an elite - hardly a shield killer. Will this be improved? It would be nice to have a reliable anti-shield weapon given how tough the enemy shields are to take down and how quickly they recharge (faster than I can reload!)


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Re: Ranger: Balwark and Pulse blast issues in Trial

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Not sure why pulse blast would be great against shields, since it is impact damage. But I’m no ranger expert and at a glance Ranger seems short on anti-shield options, so maybe it was supposed to be adjusted for that reason?

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Re: Ranger: Balwark and Pulse blast issues in Trial

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Frost and Electric are good against Shields


A good article, there's a chart showing damage types, primers, etc... I found it extremely useful

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