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New Components New Builds! What Synergies are you running?

by UmbroNox

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New Components New Builds! What Synergies are you running?

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★ Apprentice

Hi FreeLancers,


Ive noticed some insane changes on Ranger components with the new 1.04 (1.06??) Patch

What builds have you figured out?


I like that Recurring Vengeance now has no cooldown if the target is primed(combo proc), thinking of including it with a Elemental Ops to replace my Tactical Onslaught which is pretty much only good for priming with its low DPS against gm3 troops.


Im thinking of throwing together a melee build as well to play on that shield restore per melee hit that Vanguard’s Badge Gives you,

Plus if enemies are close together you can throw in a Victor’s Resolve too, its easy enough to hit to mobs if they are close enough, that +25% armor and 40% shields could really go well together!

Still using Last Argument tho, not sure if i can sacrifice that 700% ulti boost as it helps me proc my ulti every couple of minutes...


Im Maining a Leg Divine Vengeance and secondary is a shield slammer usually, i change between Vassa’s Surprise and Cycle of Pain, Vassa’s Surprise really plays well with my melee build and really takes down shields in 1 or 2 mags, and a massive fire rate, But i am looking for something with a little more range, i have tried Cycle of Pain, its great with 8000+ weak point dmg, but it just doesn't have reliable enough reserves, 5 mags and you are out! Where the Vassa’s Surprise has 2000 reserve ammo ( i got a 200% dmg, +125% ammo roll =P) and refills the mag with a melee... (1 hit, refill ammo, +40% shield, and well placed, +25% armor Nerd )

Im thinking of adding a +%force so i can add some melee stagger, if i can stagger, have instant refills and shield and hp replenishing every few seconds i could chip away at almost any trash mob, but an Ursix would eat me with this build heh... 


What guns do you use to take down them GM3 shields? Especially Elementalists and the like with there tanky shields and fast recovery rate.


What builds are you guys running? Single target? AOE? what are you throwing together and how does it synergise with your other equipment?


Ill Update with a pic of my build when im behind my PS =]




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Re: New Components New Builds! What Synergies are you running?

★★★ Apprentice

A melee / recurring vengeance build should be quite good in GM2.  Every time you jump in for a melee + missile, you heal both shields and armor (Vanguards Badge and Tip of the Spear).  Potentially even more from Victor's Resolve if there are a couple of enemies close together.  And you probably only really need 4 or 5 items to make it work.
But unless you have good +armor/shields inscription rolls, it's probably not a GM3 tier build.


I think you're on the right track.

If you have mostly legendaries, then combo spam and ultimate damage still seem to scale a bit better than weapon damage in GM3.

So I would just substitute Ralner's as your primary source of priming (it should prime with both fire and acid) instead of melee and I think that's about as good as we can get right now for endgame builds without a bunch of godroll legendaries.

  • Recurring Vengeance
  • Ralner's Blaze
  • Last Argument
    • Victor's Resolve
    • Emergency Power 
    • Tip of the Spear
    • Elemental Ops
    • General's Favor
    • Feedback Loop or Rejuvenating Ammo
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Re: New Components New Builds! What Synergies are you running?

★ Apprentice
I had a Leg Ralners Blaze in my Vault since the beginning of the game lol, i thought it was trash so i never used it until i read all the hype about it =P

Now im maining Ralners Blaze and my secondary is Div Vengeance, works well together... wish i could get better rolls tho, meager 20% bonuses on them.

Im working on getting a leg Rec Vengeance build going, still no Leg drop for it =[ running at 774 at the moment stuck with tactical onslaught right now as im not getting any viable replacements </3

the rng is torture.
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Re: New Components New Builds! What Synergies are you running?

★★★★ Novice

Shotgun basically is what you want. Radiant Fortress restores shield if you hit all 8 shots. Meleeing mobs is cute and all, but you're just gonna lose it again because you're next to them. Especially with their long cooldown per melee hit.

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Re: New Components New Builds! What Synergies are you running?

★ Apprentice

Well ive modified a bit now, Ill be honest im never going to run a shotgun, ever.

Im fast enough to proc group melee and keep my shields up.


Im running Divine Vengeance and Ralnars blaze which are both great DPS weapons but situational.

Ralners blaze takes down shields in 18 accurate shots except fire elemental based units then i just melee them down in 3 hits.


I even Use melee on GM3 Monitor haha, luckily his reaction time is slow enough for me to double jump double dash out.


Ive got a hover build going as thats just what rng has given me, but its working pretty well with my weapons as im getting a ton of head shots, with Div Ven its deadly for groups blasting everything away and keeping my armor maxed due to my build. It also works really well with GM3 HOR End boss with every fight, can pretty much solo it, just takes a long time...

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