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Re: Need some help with my build

by Brigolins

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Need some help with my build

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Hello, I've been putting together this build and I'm fairly happy with what I have so far even some items is there just as temporally fillers until I get something better.

But for some reason the struggle is still very real when I go into GM2 to the point where I don't understand what I'm doing wrong since people with much lower level have better survive ability than me and my damage feels lacking even tho this is the build I've performed best in so far.


Tactical Onslaught "Venom Darts permanently gain an extra charge" (My main primer and boost my overall dmg)

Glorious Result "Hitting 2 enemy weak points quickly increases all weapon dmg by 150% for 5 second" (My primary weapon for taking down weak and some strong enemies, used as booster when I'm switching over to my sniper)
Truth of Tarsis "Hitting weak points on enemies under a status effect will set off a chain combo" (This is my melting weapon which I use when I have Used Venom Darts and stacked my Glorious result with 150% dmg boost for an effective high dmg snipe)

The Gambit "Hitting an enemy with this grenade detonates an ice explosion" (This is what I use to combo kill targets with a larger health pool)

Generals Favor "Increases assult launcher recharge by 35% Defeating an enemy with melee increases Q damage by 50% for 10 seconds"
Defensive Bulwark " Increases all weapon dmg by 25% On low health increases gun dmg by 25% for 10 seconds"
Airborn Advantage "Increases impact dmg by 50% and decreases blast dmg by 20% Hovering increses all resistance by 10%"
Vanguards Badge "Incresass melee dmg by 30% and electric effects by 30% of base Performing a melee kill restores 20% shields"
Tip of the spear "Increases combo dmg by 50% Performing a combo restores 40% armor to nearby allies"
Combined Arms "Increases grenade dmg by 5% Defeating an enemy with E increases Q dmg by 60% for 5 seconds"

As you might see I must have gotten something mixed up or wrong here because I don't fully understand how everything works and should be built after
So I was hoping you guys could give me a guiding hand where I should change to improve my build Standard smile

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Re: Need some help with my build

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 Two components don't look good to me (Generals Favour / Combined Arms) - sorry can't check mine atm to say what else to use. Plus are you using consumables? These can add up to 30% buffs and be stacked iirc.


Edit: Ah yes got the wrong one I meant Vanguards Badge.

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Re: Need some help with my build

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remove vangaurd badge put someting els in melee is useles unless you comeplete whanna focus on that  use frost granade whit seeking missiles great for taking out turrets


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