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Re: Muster Point ability

by OneRakash

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Muster Point ability

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I felt like the muster point ability is not so useful in the game for several reasons : first, we have to keep moving to stay alive, so we barely can shoot one bullet from Inside the AOE that we already need to move out in order to avoid an incoming attack.

And we cannot count on a Wind wall from a mate since it get broken after only one second.


In the other hand, why increasing the weapon damages only ? I mean : in order to play smart, and to play in team, we need to buff all of our teammates, and all sources of damage.

To me, we need to increase the melee attacks and the gear damage output as well.


So, regarding what I just said, to make the ranger an asset for the team, the muster point ability should increase all damage output, and to be sure every mate can take advantage of this ability from everywhere on the battlefield, it would be better if it could be a scream like the deflector pulse of the colossus/rally cry for the interceptor. And for the developpers, you already have the script of this function, you just have to change the effects.


Have a nice day

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Re: Muster Point ability

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If you use it with weapons that have front loaded damage (snipers for example), you can get a lot of oomph out of it.
I'm only 16, but with devastator I can crit for 6k, and can shoot three times in muster point. That's 3600 bonus damage, nothing to scoff at.
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Re: Muster Point ability

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Of course it allows you such a build. I thought about the sniper too.
But what about your mates ? A storm for example : how can you help him make bigger combos ?

So, for me, this ability is realy great, but allows only one type of gameplay, and hardly reaches your mates.

That's what I would like to see changing.

Have a nice day

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