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Re: Most Ranger Masterwork Perks are Downright Useless

by KaOs2983

Original Post

Most Ranger Masterwork Perks are Downright Useless

★★★★ Novice

Disclaimer: I first want to say that this discussion is not about the overall strength of the Ranger, his usefulness in a team, or the strength of gear and component base functionality. I will only be discussing why a majority of the Ranger's masterwork perks (orange text on masterwork quality items) are underwhelming and often times have unnoticeable effects.


I will be stepping through each of the masterwork perks on the Ranger's components and gear, analyzing why (if) they are not up to par, and how they can be improved to be more inline with the masterwork perk of the other javelins (specifically the Storm).




  • Airborne AdvantageHovering increases all resistances by 10%.
    • Problem: In many games, a 10% damage reduction is great. It can be the difference between life and death. Anthem is not most games. Anthem is all about utilizing your javelin's high mobility to avoid damage entirely. With that said, a 10% damage reduction is simply not noticeable in practice, especially when it only applies while hovering - the time when you are most vulnerable. If a Ranger wishes to stay alive hovering is not the solution, and a 10% damage reduction isn't going to fix that.
    • Solution: Earlier versions of the game (prior to release) gave Airborne Advantage an increase in gear recharge rate while hovering. This is far more desirable and promotes a level of risk vs. reward. The player is vulnerable while hovering, but gains a large offensive boost in the form of shorter cool downs between abilities.
  • Badge of DevastationPerforming a large hit-streak (10) will instantly add 25% Ultimate charge.
    • Problem: This masterwork perk sounds incredible, but unfortunately it simply doesn't do what it claims. Some people are reporting that it does nothing at current, while others are claiming that you are gaining a measly 1% (approximately) ultimate charge when it triggers. The mere fact that players cannot even tell whether the ability even functions is proof that it needs some serious improvement (or fixing if it is indeed a bug).
    • Solution: Correct the ability to gain 5%-25% of your total ultimate on a 10 hit streak. Exact values can be evaluated based on performance, but 5% should be the minimum percentage for this masterwork perk to be worthwhile, and anything over 25% could be brokenly overpowered. For reference, 5% would require 200 consecutive shots without missing to recharge one's entire ultimate from 0, and 25% would require 40 consecutive shots.
  • Combined Arms - Defeating an enemy with [E] gear increases [Q] gear damage by 60% for 5 seconds.
    • Problem: This doesn't sound too bad, and it isn't. The problem with this one is the disparity between it and the Storm equivalent, Token of the Master, which reads, "Hitting an enemy with a [E] increases [Q] damage by 60% for 5 seconds." It seems odd that the Ranger requires you to kill an enemy to trigger the exact same effect that the storm can achieve by merely hitting the enemy.
    • Solution: Either change Combined Arms to trigger on hit instead of on kill, or increase the strength and/or duration of the buff. As it stands it is simply an inferior version of Token of the Master.
  • Defensive Bulwark - On low health, increases gun damage by 25% for 10 seconds.
    • Problem: This is another perk which would be great in most games, but not Anthem. Anthem is an ability based game. Sure, there are some guns which perform great, but overall your damage largely comes from your abilities. With that said, a 25% increase in gun damage isn't all that impressive. To top it off, the buff only applies when at low health, and only lasts for 10 seconds upon reaching low health. Even if 25% were significant, the player cannot even create a build around maintaining low health.
    • Solution: Personally I think this one needs a complete overhaul, but if we're just adjusting values, it needs to be at least 200%. A temporary 3x damage buff for your weapons when at critical health isn't anything to scoff at, nor would it be overpowered due to the trigger conditions and limited duration.
  • Elemental Ops - Increases elemental effects applied to enemies by 20%.
    • Good Perk: This sounds very underwhelming at first glance but "increasing elemental effects" includes increasing the chance to apply a status effect (and thus prime). This means that enemies which required 2 or 3 hits with [insert priming ability] before now only require 1 or 2 hits to prime.
  • General's Favor - Defeating an enemy with melee increases [Q] damage by 50% for 10 seconds.
    • Problem: The Ranger's melee is a relatively low damaging primer with a 2 second cooldown. The entire purpose in the design of Shock Mace is to prime an enemy, then detonate with one of the Ranger's many blast/impact detonators for massive single target damage. Not only does requiring a melee kill make no sense from a synergistic perspective, but it is almost impossible to pull off in higher difficulties. The Ranger's melee just simply doesn't do enough damage to reliably kill enemies.
    • Solution: Change "on kill" to "on hit." It makes perfect sense to jump into a crowd with a melee slam, priming enemies before jumping into the air and throwing your frag grenade into the primed crowd for 50% bonus damage.
  • Tactical Advantage - Weak point hits lower thruster heat buildup by 10% for 5 seconds.
    • Problem: What?... I don't think I need to explain how laughably bad this is. 
    • Solution: Increase thruster heat buildup reduction to at *least* 60%. I'd even go as far as 100% and reducing the duration to 1 or 2 seconds. This entire point of this component is to stay in the air longer. Allowing the player to hover indefinitely as long as they are landing consistent crits would be in no way overpowered, especially given how vulnerable the player is while hovering.
  • Tip of the Spear - Performing a combo restores 40% armor to nearby allies.
    • Good Perk: This thing is actually amazing. It gives the Ranger incredible self sustain and makes him almost impossible to kill when played correctly. The only problem with this perk is that some people are reporting that the heal does not affect allies at all, or if it does, the range is so poor you will never see the effect in practice. I cannot confirm nor deny its team healing capabilities, but the component is already great with just solo healing.
  • Vanguard's Badge - Performing a melee kill restores 20% shields.
    • Problem: This has the same problem Gerneral's Favor had. You are simply not going to get this effect to trigger in higher difficulties.
    • Solution: Change "on kill" to "on hit." Trying to melee in higher difficulties is dangerous, but has great payoff due to its priming capabilities. Allowing successful melee hits to recharge your defenses (shields) on hit would greatly add to the Ranger's suitability.
  • Victor's Resolve - Performing a small multi-kill [3] instantly restores 25% of maximum armor.
    • Problem: The Ranger is a single target damage dealer. Sure, he has a few AoE options (on long cooldowns) but generally you're killing one target at a time. Multi-kills simply don't happen all that often with the Ranger, and when they do, 25% health restore really isn't that impressive when Tip of the Spear exists. This thing isn't bad per se, but just doesn't hold its own when the Ranger already has access to far better healing methods.
    • Solution: I honestly don't know how to change this one other than completely removing it and replacing it with something else.


Assault Launchers


  • Argo's Mace - Detonates an electric explosion when defeating an enemy.
    • Problem: This perk has a very mediocre effect that's far too difficult to trigger. Very rarely will I have a tight cluster of enemies in which one of them is at critical health, where I can shoot this crowd and kill only the critical health enemy, detonating the electrical explosion damaging the rest of the crowd. In the few instances which this does occur, the damage of the explosion really isn't the impressive anyway.
    • Solution: Once again, change "on kill" to "on hit." The Storm has a very similar ability, Stasis Chain, which grants the same electric explosion but on hit. It's super effective at increasing AoE damage and would work great on Argo's Mace.
  • Avenger's Boon - Hitting an enemy increases melee damage by 110% for 20 seconds.
    • Problem: Using your detonator to increase your primer's damage... yeah no. Simply put, increasing your melee damage isn't suddenly going to make melee builds viable. I could go into detail with numbers but you'll have to take my word that this thing is useless.
    • Solution: Change "melee" to "weapon." Everyone thought the Ranger would be the go-to javelin for shooting things, and yet both the Interceptor and the Storm can do this better. Giving the Ranger more options for buffing weapon damage both makes sense and would separate him from the rest of the javelins.
  • Ember's Lance - Detonate a fire explosion on a small hit-streak Basketball.
    • Good Perk: The base ability arguable could use a buff, but as far as the masterwork perk is concerned, there's no real problems with it. It's not amazing by any means but is far from bad.
  • Recurring Vengeance - After defeating an enemy, regain 100% charge. Can occur once every 7.5 seconds.
    • Problem: The biggest problem with this right now is that the perk does not activate if you kill an enemy with a combo. This absolutely needs to change. Assuming it did work, it's a fine masterwork but honestly a slight buff wouldn't hurt it.
    • Solution: Fix the bug. Otherwise it would be nice if the instant recharge either occurred on any kill (ability or not) or if the cooldown were removed, allowing the ranger to slowly kill crowds one enemy at a time as long as he has the damage to insta-kill using the ability.
  • Tactical Onslaught - Venom Darts permanently gain an extra charge.
    • Good Perk: This perk is misleading, as it doesn't add one extra charge, but rather adds 100% charges. This brings the ability up to 4 charges total, making it extremely effective at debuffing single enemies.



  • Cold Blooded - Applying the ice effect to an enemy increases melee damage by 135% for 10 seconds.
    • Problem: Same issue Avenger's Boon had. Increasing melee damage simply isn't effective on the Ranger.
    • Solution: We could go with the same route I suggested for Avenger's boon and replace "melee damage" with "weapon damage." Alternatively we could come up with something more interesting, such as "enemies frozen by the ability take increased combo damage" or something of those likes.
  • Explosive Blaze - Detonates a fire explosion after applying fire effect to [2] enemies.
    • Problem: This masterwork is very "meh." The detonation deals very mediocre damage and it just doesn't feel satisfying to have as a masterwork perk
    • Solution: Really anything could be done here. Personally I think it would be awesome to turn this into a weaker version of the Colossus' Fire Wall Mortar. Let the grenade leave a patch on the ground with continues to ignite enemies that pass through it.
  • Grand Opening - Ambusher’s Fury: Defeating enemies from above grants 75% increased weapon damage for 20 seconds.
    • Good Perk: This thing is fine. 75% is respectable but nothing insane. I do sometimes have issues with this proccing though. I'm not sure if there's an internal cooldown or something but sometimes I just don't seem to get the buff.
  • Last Argument - Hitting enemies adds 700% Ultimate charge.
    • Good Perk: This thing is fantastic. It allows you to reliably build up your ultimate in under a minute.
  • The Gambit - Hitting an enemy with this grenade detonates an ice explosion.
    • Problem: Same issue Explosive Blaze had, although it's far easier to proc and has a shorter cooldown.
    • Solution: Let the "ice" explosion mean something, whether it's freezing nearby enemies, slowing them down, or just freezing the enemy hit. Right now it's just a weak explosion that deals bonus damage to shields and less to armor.
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Re: Most Ranger Masterwork Perks are Downright Useless

[ Edited ]
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Good post and pretty much agree with all of it. Especially the melee perks.

It's ludicrous that some of the perks want you to land the killing blow with a Primer attack.

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Re: Most Ranger Masterwork Perks are Downright Useless

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Great Post notting more to say

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Re: Most Ranger Masterwork Perks are Downright Useless

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Totally agree.

One look at Ranger MW/Legendary bonuses compared to the other Javelins and it's obvious that they need a balance pass.


For Example:

Tactical Onslaught vs Solvent Green.

  • Tactical Onslaught gives Rangers an extra charge of Acid Darts. 
  • Solvent Green gives Colossi 200% combo damage.

These two things aren't even in the same ballpark power level.


Another Example:

Grand Opening vs Ruthless Stalker

  • Grand Opening requires a Ranger to KILL an enemy from above with a grenade then they get 75% weapon damage for 20 seconds.
  • Ruthless Stalker only requires an Interceptor to HIT an enemy with a tracking glaive then they get 60% weapon damage for 20 seconds.

Again, one of these things is CLEARLY more powerful than the other.  You can easily maintain 100% uptime on the bonus damage with Interceptor in any difficulty.  Meanwhile the Ranger's bonus damage is almost impossible to get to proc in the higher difficulties.

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Re: Most Ranger Masterwork Perks are Downright Useless

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Agree my friend, Ranger aren't a melee javelin yet if i counted right there are 4 perks on masterwork items of the Ranger that revolve around melee damage or hitting a melee to make something else happen, they really need to fix this . Ranger seem to be an explosive/concussion/artillery Jav.

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Re: Most Ranger Masterwork Perks are Downright Useless

[ Edited ]
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  • While I agree with most of the perks being maybe not useless per say but just not on par with the other javelins... Tip of the Spear is amazing if you know how to use it! If you combo any mob on-top of a downed teammate it REVIVES them without having to actually go up to them and revive and combined arms I'm sure was specifically made for spark beam builds....melt a few regular mobs get the buff using my gambit sticky with that build spark beam mobs down melee prime and my sticky with 150% DMG and 2 charges puts work in 
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