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Make Ranger competitive.

by Liquidous_Flame

Original Post

Re: Make Ranger competitive.

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Yeah I finally got a decent ToT and am in that range damage wise. It only more proves the point the Ranger needs tuning . We can't sit back and think the class is fine based on one weapon.. That would definitely push them from the jack of all to the sniper jav.

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Re: Make Ranger competitive.

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I also got an impact build, where instead I use LMG/Shotgun for damage with single target being higher than in that video. Something like 35k damage per one shot of shotgun or about 3.5-4k weak hit damage per bullet of LMG with more than 1k RPM. No meaningful AoE there, but you can just mow things down with LMG.

Alternatively I can use Thunderbolt of Yivenia with that build - 5k weak hits + thunderbolt proc for 8-15k damage.

Ranger easily has best weapon modifiers of all javelins because of uniquely being able to stack weapon, impact/blast damage and acid all together, just need to find good weapons to complement.

Real issue is ult being terrible really. Like even In my Blast build with blast buffing ult in that video the ult is mostly a get out of jail free card with immunity.

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Re: Make Ranger competitive.

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I agree with most of what you guys are saying. The one thing I dont get  is why are some of our comps/gear giving us huge (insignificant but large numbers) melee bonuses? Did I pick interceptor?


I farmed the Storm first but the gameplay is so boring floating around just hurling fireballs. Ranger is much more enjoyable but make your mind up let us hone the jack of all trades into one trade, DPS/Support/Healer. Where as the storm everything makes sense you have versatility to swap builds out and change things up but as Ranger I'm spread across all archtypes and not very well without god roll inscriptions.

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Re: Make Ranger competitive.

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@Gaidax The one thing you're missing from the video I posted is the gear he has is not good.. You're comparing his gear , which I watched again , with 58% total bonus to his "q" with you're  220 with gear +85% from inscriptions before you're comps shotty build. I would like to see that storm build's damage with similar bonus. I do know a papa's running with bad stats doesn't hit anywhere near where you're talking. .


All I know is with my luck the only good set I have is my harvest set , I think I am near 250 . I farm more than I think I should but when I am burning through mats building the same weapon over and over for a good roll ;D



Also on Ult , yeah I have used mine often as a immune to damage rez helper . Just need to make sure you're pointing at targets before you start so you can still use the damage when you're done :D

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Re: Make Ranger competitive.

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Well I mean yeah.

Why I could luck out and roll some ridiculous weapon tomorrow with like +400% damage modifier (apparently it can happen, as in weapon rolls double +weapon damage trait) and rip all other Javelins really.

That's how this game ultimately works - hard to compare 1 to 1. Ranger is sure more gear dependent exactly because we have so many weapon damage modifiers that it makes getting a good weapon mandatory, as opposed to something like storm that can get pretty much any Elemental Fury rifle and wreck.
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Re: Make Ranger competitive.

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My opinion: ranger is fine as it is.

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Re: Make Ranger competitive.

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the problem is that the items as a whole are a crap shoot, on my Colossus most of my legendary and MW items have pistol mods... I CANT USE A PISTOL. They need to take the D3 route and have the items ONLY roll for the Javelin you're on, and the weapon its rolling for, remove AMMO and MAGAZINE procs from items as well, health and ammo drop so damn often that we dont need them, it's wasted space entirely.

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Re: Make Ranger competitive.

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Give us a 3rd gun...

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Re: Make Ranger competitive.

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I think the ranger is in a good spot from a kit perspective.  Where Ranger fails imo, is in the perks on the Masterworks both universal and exclusive.  There is a lot of very poor synergy in the design especially with the components.


Take "hovering increases all resistances by 10%".  This is an absolute terrible perk


"Performing a large hit-streak (10) will instantly add 1 ultimate charge"  I have yet to ever see this actually go off.


"Performing a small multi-kill (3.) instantly restores 25% of maximum armor".  Victor's resolve is flat out superior and why is it necessary to have two healing perks?


"defeating an enemy with E gear increases Q gear damage by 60% for 5 seconds.  This requires micro as you have to make sure to get the kill with your E when your Q will be off CD within 5 seconds.  Why isn't this on hit, like Storm.


"Performing a melee kill restores 20% shields"  Our melee is a primer i.e. a setup skill.  As a detonator this perk makes sense, not so much as a primer.


"Weak point hits lower thruster-heat buildup by 10% for 5 seconds" I being trolled?


"Performing a combo restores 40% armor to nearby allies.  <~~An actually amazing perk.


"defeating an emey with melee increases q damage by 50% for 10 seconds"...back to this again.  Primer, set up, detonater, finisher.


I'm not going to even bother going to go into the gear.  It's hit or miss as well though, but I think the components are the largest issue atm.


It's also worth noting that I am well aware of what the Ranger can do with the ToT.  But that is not exclusive to Ranger.  Storm/Interceptor can do the same (or greater) damage with it as well due to their components.  Interceptor may not buff blast as an example, but they too can boost weapon damage with no drawback (like blast component has for Ranger) and the ability to dodge to reload instantly drastically increases damage over time.  Not sure on big boy as that's the only javelin I'm just not interested in playing.

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Re: Make Ranger competitive.

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Ranger has more of mechanical issues with how it interacts with abilities and weapons that scale with Blast.

For some completely outlandish reason and unlike all other javelins and common sense - our impact components that should increase damage of physical (and thus impact) blast abilities do not do this at all, instead those ONLY scale with Blast components.

Which is even further exacerbated by the fact our impact components lower blast damage, meaning that if you want to do common sense thing and stack impact components to boost your guns (as I imagine Ranger is intended to do) - you end up with absolutely pitiful and unusable grenades that deal no damage and ult that it a joke, because not only Convergence Core does nothing for those (despite absolutely having to benefit physical grenades and ult), but it also lowers Blast damage, meaning you effectively end up nerfing your ability damage, instead of just getting lower bonus to it due to Blast offset.

This really makes Ranger incredibly boring to play because if you stack gun damage with impact you effectively make all grenades, explosive weapons and ult useless. If you stack Blast, on the other hand - you are wrecking your gun damage, except for Devastator, but that alone can't really carry you besides GM1.



Then on the upside for some absolutely nonsense reason - Convergence Core (and its epic alternative) boosts such abilities like Spark Beam or single target elemental procs like Thunderbolt of Yvenia (and at double rate at that because... reasons?), which it should not because these are elemental damage and should not be affected by impact. What gives?

It's just some sort of mechanical nonsense that I hope Bioware will resolve, because this is outright gamebreaking that you have to wreck your abilities to do simple gun damage and your components work in completely outlandish ways on the contrary to what they are supposed to do.

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