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Javelin popularity says it all

by Cesmode8

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Re: Javelin popularity says it all

★★★★ Novice

I main a Ranger. So far it's my favorite to use. My ranger is 668 Power.I primarily have him set up doing combos on single targets. Kid of has a war machine look to him. I do a lot of freeplay in GM1/GM2. I can take out some titans by myself in GM1 freeplay. I hold my own and sometimes outperform my squad in legendary contracts and strongholds.


Next, I like storm. this one is my weakest at power level 510. I usually play this when my squad is uses a couple rangers/colossus. Interceptor would be next, and then colossus, which mine are both 533. Colossus just feels too clunky. I'm really trying to like it.

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Re: Javelin popularity says it all

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★★★★ Apprentice

Popularity ranking from my experiences on PS4:


  1. Storm
  2. Interceptor
  3. Ranger
  4. Colossus

I went with the Colossus as my main Javelin through the story line and it was my first to masterwork level.  Oddly, while I ranked it least popular, five out of the seven guys I run a lot of games with had also mained the Colossus.  However, in missions, outside of those guys, I see the Colossus the least.  I've been working on my Ranger Javelin, and have been having a lot of fun with it.  Way different than Colossus, still contributes to group play, but not top dps, and a wrong move can get you 1-2 shotted.  My Ranger is masterwork now, so I'll probably start working on the Storm, as it is actually played the least (after Ranger) out of the guys I run most stuff with.


Edit:  I have been seeing a few more Rangers lately, and I actually had one match made GM1 Temple of Scars run with all Rangers.  I was worried at first, but we actually did very well.

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Re: Javelin popularity says it all

★ Guide gm2+ i rather cant find any storms tbh. ceptor and storm seem to need a buff into endgame rather i find. personally i do very good in gm2 (690)

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Re: Javelin popularity says it all

★★★★ Novice

That's because everyone thinks Ranger is not as good as the other 3 but let me tell you I played Ranger in the demo I have all 4 javelins at 660+ my Ranger being main at 678 and a good Ranger is very valuable at end game hell just being able to drag mobs to a downed teammate and reviving them by doing a quick combo is reason enough to bring a Ranger to the fray! Just wish our melee was fluid like intys instead of it being like trying to whack a pinata with a blindfold on lol

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