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by Cronon-xxx

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Why Granades on Ranger? Why not a single Rocket launcher on right shoulder? 

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Re: Granades..?

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I don't feel we need something like Predator or Star Wars knock-offs.  Or trying to emulate all the Battlefield/Far Cry/etc. ad naseum! Shoulder Rockets has been done by every wargame that's been released...why do it here too?>.<  The whole setup is more military-esque and grenades works for me.  Besides there are different types of grenades suited to your own playstyle/personality.

Personally, I enjoy using the Fire Grenades.  It has a nice Fire DOT that has helped me take out many turrets.  Plus it is dependable as it works for both solo and team play.  I would use the Ice Grenade but that relies on team mates shooting the frozen mobs for great combos...which most won't do as they are "off playing the game as if they are solo and everyone else are tagging along" in general.  The only teams I saw that worked together were obviously long-time mates who've played shooter games over the years and were ont he same Discord channel...they each knew what the other was going to do.

So...Fire Grenades...great helper in the "heat" of the battle.  And great to set AFK plays on fire who are just standing around doing nothing! -)


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Re: Granades..?

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Already have a wrist rocket... grenades add more versatility and give you a different trajectory possibility.

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Re: Granades..?

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I'm a big fan of the sticky grenades too.

I'm sure there will be many layouts that expand both the grenades and rocket options
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Re: Granades..?

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A well timed grenade in ice, fire or sticky will help out in a pinch. Just as in any other weapon use it's all timing...
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