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General GM2 tips and guide for beginners

by Kurtomis

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General GM2 tips and guide for beginners

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★ Apprentice

Disclaimer : I am 43 years old and do have worse reflexes and skills than younger people. English is not my primary language so please accept my apologies for writing a bad english. Finally, I am just an average player. 


This guide is by no means full of absolute truths. Actually, I even want to discuss several things I notice so that they can be confirmed or not. When I read guides here and there, I read mostly the same thing about ranger : what abilities do, builds, set up, etc. I realized that there were some tips people may not know and missing information about these guides.


I main ranger since the release of the game. I am currently ilvl 690. I started to farm GM1 and GM2 before the 9th march patch. I currently farm GM2 content in group and solo. Always playing with random groups (don't have friends of mine playing Anthem). Sometimes playing solo content on GM1 difficulty. I die. Sometimes a lot, sometimes barely. My average deaths count for Hearth of Rage complete runs is 3-5 deaths. Sometimes a lot more. Sometimes 0 death. Here is the player I am. At best : average player.


General Notice : 


The first thing to know is that you'll have to play with a completely different style when starting GM2 difficulty content. The gap beetwen GM1 and GM2 is huge. Amazingly huge. Mobs do have a 700% HP/Damage bonus. If you were rushing and jumping inside mobs groups in GM1 difficulty, forget it in GM2 difficulty : it won't work anymore. And you'll die.


Ranger has a wide range of set up and can be effective at long range, mid range and close combat (only situationally, see below). You'll have to have a great comprehension of all rangers abilities (and not only what ultimate does, blast or impact built, etc.)


Edit 03/23/2019 : Weapons will do far less impact damages than in previous difficulty settings, since foes have a heavy hp buff but your weapons don't scale enough. Your best option to take down foes (except bosses that are bullet sponges) is to play with combos. This is the only way to be effective. The ONLY ONE. So far. So you'll have to forget about things that don't prime/detonate. Forget about launcher and grenade options that don't prime/detonate. They are useless (with the exception of Force Inscription that can knock down targets and help keeping combat situations under control).


Moreover, you can't chain prime a foe with the same element. You'll have to chain different elemental primers to make things smoother. Also don't forget that ice and fire can overwrite each other so don't waste primers.


Mobs AI and behavior, general info :


Mobs have a pretty good AI. They can and WILL flank you. If it happens, your chances to die heavily goes up. Sharpshooters will go up as soon as they can and burst you from above and long range distance. They'll use all ability range they have (grenades, melee strikes, etc.).


#1 : use your radar to locate enemies. Always. Your position is your first condition of life or death. Let enemies flank you and you'll be in trouble. Don't let enemies come from behind you.


#2 : Know your enemies. There are 3 enemies factions : Dominions, Scars and Outlaws, with a forth fauna one (Skorpions). Each faction comes with a specific composition of mobs. Example : Skorpions have workers, soldiers and small ones (can't remember the name). There are normal, elite and legendary versions of each. I'll provide more info below. Be prepared so that you know what you're looking for and what specific danger come with the faction you're fighting. Alongside these factions, there are other mobs you'll encounter (example : titans, fauna, and more). However, these factions will spawn different kinds of enemies and you should rapidly locate where are the most dangerous foes and rapidly plan your course of action : what to do, depending on your build and set up, from where, and more.


#3  : Mobs are really good shooters. Even fauna. Don't even think that mobs aren't dangerous. Even trash mobs can easily destroy you if they can have LOS. And believe me, they're going to search and find a LOS. Even when you are flying. Never underestimate the danger. Example : you're fighting a big foe. Not so far from the battle, small fauna sit there looking for the fight. Let say Tesilars (electric mobs). At a moment, you have to fly to dodge an attack. Don't forget tesilars. They can shoot you, even from long range and overcharge your engines : you fall, you die.


#4 : Progress step by step. Choose your targets, take care of your position. Don't hesitate to fly away if your shield and/or your life is low and wait for it to recover. When your life is critical, sounds are strangled so you must be carefull about what's going on around you. Moreover, you always will recover a small portion of life when it's critical and when your shield regenerates. Take advantage of it.


#5 Sounds are a very important source of information during a fight : enemies skills, combos, and more. Pay attention to that. You'll be aware of what is happening thanks to that even if you can't see the source of danger : sharshooters, gunners or heavy foes produces different sounds when attacking. Being able to discriminate what attack source is shooting at you is often the difference beetwen life and death because you can plan your strategy accordingly : choose to escape, mid range, long range, prime and detonate, etc.


#6 Pay attention to elemental name part of mobs or what skills they are using (especially elemental storms). Mobs actually are totally immune to the element they have. Know your stuff and what kind of damage it does. However, you can still prime them even if you're doing 0 damage with the element but it's harder and prime condition will not always apply.


#7 Combo are very important since your weapons do little damages to them. Plan your set up so that you can prime and/or detonate easily. 


#8 Detonating is not always the best course of action. Don't rush to detonate everything. Sometimes, it's a better strategy to leave a specific mob with a specific condition. Example : I was on a Hearth of Rage run. A storm (please accept my apologies...) was regularly freezing a turret so that the team could focus on other mobs to progress on the battlefield toward it. I did not pay attention to this, was dumb and detonated it each time the storm was freezing it. When I realized that, I stopped and he/she chain freezed the turret so that we could progress on the fied more easily.


#9 Mobs are immune to the inital element primer for a short duration (few seconds) time after detonation. Meaning you can't chain prime/detonate with the same element. You still can chain prime using different elements in sequences.


Ranger specific tips and information :


I read a lot of things regarding Rangers set up but noticed several specific things I did not found elsewhere. Not meaning it does not already exist, just that I did not find it. Angel


#1 You're invulnerable under 3 circumstances : during the melee strike animation, during the targetting and triggering phase of the ultimate and during the dodge animation. Very important.


#2 Dodge is a really usefull tool for the ranger. You're invulnerable during the animation. It is not just an escape movement. You can check it during the 1st and 3rd phase of the Monitor : when it swing his giant axe, you can dodge. As long as you are under dodge animation, the axe will go through your character doing no damage. But beware : this invulnerability only lasts during the animation. Moreover, Dodge has an internal CD (1-2 sec) so that you can't chain dodge enemies attacks. When flying, especially in instances and boss fights, small trash and adds can overcharge your engine when you absolutely need it. Use dodge, it'll save your life.


#3 Ranger melee strike has been discussed a lot, being a primer and Ranger having several components based on killing an enemy with a melee strike. I won't develop this discussion here. However, since, you are invulnerable when performing a melee strike AND a dodge, you can easily hit-and-run to prime heavy enemies to help your team to take it down rapidly using combos. To me, this is the best way to use our melee strike. Rangers aren't mean to be melee fighters. But they can shine in a wide variety of actions as soon as you know what you're doing. Example : fly, and melee strike a big foe to prime it. Dodge it as soon as you landed the melee strike : 2 invulnerable moves. Then fly away. You can also prime-detonate (stick grenade at its best for me) before dodging and escaping.


#4 Ranger ultimate fully restores my life. Don't know if it is due to a specific component I missed or a basic aspect of the ultimate. Confirmation welcome. Wink


#5 Prefer shield recovery over shield value. I may be wrong but it seems to me that the last strike that wipes out the shield don't do overdamage to your life bar. That means that an heavy unique shot that wipe out a very small last portion of shield won't damage your health. So, shield recovery is a life savior. (Confirmation wanted).


#6 There are exploding mobs (skorpions workers, acid adds of Monitor, elemental adds of titan, and such.). Here, Dodge can shine since you can trigger the exploding skill of these mobs and dodge so that you take no damage. 


Weapons tips


#1 Thunderbolt of Yvenia is wonderfull to take down shields on enemies. I don't know if elemental damages or specifically electric damages are best, but it do wonders on shielded foes. Edit (03/23/2019) : I've run some tests with Ralner's Blaze and elemental damages all are concerned. For example, I do 9k fire damages on shield whereas I only do 1,5k fire damages on HP bars.


#2 Ralner's Blaze is a very powerfull weapon since you can stack fire dots to do increased fire damage with huge ticks. Edit (03/23/2019) :You can easily take down shields with it (don't waste Gear CD on shields !). I also use it to prime/detonate trash/adds but stack fire damages on bosses. Especially usefull when you can't detonate or the boss is immediately immune to fire primer.


#3 focus your fire on weak points on bosses : I may be wrong but I think that is what triggers ammo/resto kits. Pay attention where these kits fall so that you can recover them.


#4 Spare your ammo as soon as you can. Use your abilities smartly (pay attention to previous primers, carefully target the boss, don't waste CDs). Choose you fight distance so that you are at optimal range for your weapon.


#5 Dont make a set up based on a unique element or you will be a useless burden for your team if you encounter a foes that's resistant to this element.


#6 Edit 03/23/2019 : Siege Breaker can be a wonderfull combination associated with Ralner's Blaze since you can chain alternate primers, freeze things like turrets, take down shields with Ralner's Blaze. The most efficient weapon combination I've discovered so far to my mind.


Well.. I humbly ask for confirmation from other players and rangers. As I said, this post does not contain absolute truths but things I noticed. Please participate and post your own remarks. 


Thanks for reading ! Standard smile


Edit 03/23/2019 : updated content and made some corrections.

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Re: General GM2 tips and guide for beginners

★★★★★ Apprentice

#1 Thunderbolt of Yvenia is wonderful to take down shields on enemies. I don't know if elemental damages or specifically electric damages are best, but it do wonders on shielded foes.


If you can get this use it! Its a shield breaker and a few good crit hits and boom they are on fire. Taking down Hunters and Scouts is just as easy as hitting ads.


Good post dude.!!

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Re: General GM2 tips and guide for beginners

★★★★★ Apprentice

#1 Thunderbolt of Yvenia is wonderful to take down shields on enemies. I don't know if elemental damages or specifically electric damages are best, but it do wonders on shielded foes.


If you can get this use it! Its a shield breaker and a few good crit hits and boom they are on fire. Taking down Hunters and Scouts is just as easy as hitting ads.


Good post dude.!!

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Re: General GM2 tips and guide for beginners

★ Apprentice

Made some corrections and updated content.

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