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End Game Ranger Build Advice Needed Please

by Magnificent_Merv

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Re: End Game Ranger Build Advice Needed Please

★★★ Apprentice

Rangers are good early on they provide good damage and have decent survival in the early game. This is very misleading as you transition into end game.

At end game you will not out single target damage any other class and you have no AoE damge.

You may out survive your fellow compatriots in end game activities, not because you are tankier, but because your not. You don't have the armor pool of the Colossus and you don't get additional shield bonus of the Storm. However, if you load you components right you can get enough shield as to not get one shot. So Ranger's appear to have more survivability but in reality they don't. It is rather they don't get over confident with their Armor Bonus as the Colossus or Shield bonus as the Storm. Rangers survive because the use COVER. They hide behind walls, rocks, trees, etc. They don't stand out in the open.

Rangers don't excel at anything. They are not the best single target, they have no AOE, your combo damage is * unless you hit a weak point, your weapons don't hit any harder than any other class, your melee is week.

Your end game Master Craft components provide very little benefit, sometimes none at all.

I just run the ranger as a utility build.. primer.

Assault Launcher: Tactical Onslaught (Venom Darts): Adds an extra charge to venom darts with a little extra acid damage. Good to prime targets for other group members.

Grenade: Explosive Blaze (Inferno Grenade) Explodes Twice, once on impact, once more if you set at least two enemy on fire. Fire status primer.

So I just run around priming enemy, and jetting in and out of cover.

I keep Bulwark Shield on hand, it may not last long in Grandmaster, but long enough to raise a fallen teammate.

There is some dev chatter talking about turning the Ranger into the the enemy shield breaker class. Pulse Blast is to penetrate Enemy Shields. Which is good and bad. Its good as Shield penetrator, but bad because it will be the only Assault Launcher ability used then.

It realy needs to be a component rather than a gear piece as to not take away from Assault Launcher or Grenade. It would only take up one of the Six component slots.

If that be the case and the devs head down the Ranger being the best single target shield breaker it might be worth bulding an all out single target shield breaker damage build, but that is not in game yet.

So right now, I would suggest making a primer build, helps out your dps, greatly improves group dps.

Would you quit with this nonsensical garbage? Rangers are phenomenal in late game. I run GM3 and have to carry games. Stop spreading misinformation. No one else can continue to prime and combo after combo after combo with recurring vengeance. Please stop spreading your useless garbage.

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Re: End Game Ranger Build Advice Needed Please

★ Guide

Yeah lol, the ranger is by far the strongest class, with both shield and armor regen abilitys and infinite combos with recurring vengeance. you are one hard javelin to kill if you just play it right.

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Re: End Game Ranger Build Advice Needed Please

★★★★ Novice

Yes plz dont listen to any of those earlier posts, ranger is amazing for single target damage on elites, I find impact much better for shielded opponents and blast amazing for armored. And ranger has best survivability of all the classes except maybe interceptor,  once u get MW versions of gear, I'd use last argument/recurring vengeance, with either elemental ops component or a ralners/siege breaker to prime with melee. Btw if u want more AOE damage go blast, more single target impact if not just for ultimate alone.

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Re: End Game Ranger Build Advice Needed Please

★★★★★ Novice

As well as criticising those who call it weak - would a few of you mind posting the items you use (weapons, gear and components) and rotations so that us amateur rangers may benefit?


I know it will take a sec to do the writeups but it will help a lot Standard smile.

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Re: End Game Ranger Build Advice Needed Please

★★★★ Newbie

I just want to tell you. That i've only used the ranger since i started playing a couple weeks after the game was released. You pretty much have to use what the game gives you and work with it. Yes it wasnt alway the greatest. Until you start getting legendary drops. One of my first ones was a machine pistol.. So disappointing lol. Thought they were so dumb. But this pistol gave me 95% armor max and 65% shield max. I kept equiped just for that. It help me to gey on gm3 much faster and survive.Yet i still sucked. Nothing special. The only thing i had going was combos. Most of my game play was helping to kill stuff lol. But usally changing things up getting better components grenades. I grind for sure. But you know that pistol i never really used that much acept for its buffs. Ended up being a key weapon that i started killing with all the time. I would apply acid with it through elemental ops. And combo with a sticky granade. Rinse and repeat. Gaining armor back for me and my team each combo did. Alays building my ultimat really fast with other components j have. And using it on groups to help thin it out if it was to heavy. Or on single targets. Most of the time on the pesky shielded scars after i depleted their shields with the gambit and pulse blast. Both detonaters to my acid bullits btw. And kill them with my ultimate. The ranger is without a doubt the best javalin for team support and doing some crazy damage quick. Like befor the interceptor can even get to them quick. Shoot throw dead. Shoot throw dead. Ultimate. Over and over terring it up. In the middle of it all. Some times even staying in the air most of the time. Whenever my thrusters were about to over heat i would get my ultimate. And stay in the air. And then do it again. While helping keep my team alive and killing lots of enemies. Oh and dont forget to dodge.

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Re: End Game Ranger Build Advice Needed Please

[ Edited ]
★★ Apprentice

Missing Focused Freeze component as it's not currently in the builder. Gives 30% to Light MG damage and ammo and on a 10 hit streak freezes the target. 


Fun build that you mainly play as a melee with the ability to back off if you have to and still put out nice damage. Primes with melee of course, 5 hits from either gun will Acid prime, 10 from the LMG freezes. Prime and rock the combo's. Can change out the pistol for a shotgun as they will insta-prime Acid on an unshielded target if at least 5 pellets hit if you prefer.Rolling Carn. works well as you should be dashing constantly, or a Radiant Fortress if you don't mind the hold release to fire mechanic to repair shields on top of the mace repairing shields. 


This build will build ultimate charge so fast it makes your head spin.  Wink


Just my two cents worth.


(some component descriptions are incorrect like Vanguard restoring shields on kill, actually restores on hit)

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Re: End Game Ranger Build Advice Needed Please

★★ Apprentice

Meant to also state that for both gear pieces on the build I submitted need to have 100% charges to make it truly shine.

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