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Dev live stream and Ranger.

by ChiTownTx

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Dev live stream and Ranger.

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Figured I would post a quick snippet from the live here for those that missed it.


Bulwark: Getting changed from 60 second duration to 20 seconds. However hps of shield going way up because devs agree it is currently useless.


Ranger is currently under performing. Devs get it and have some ideas for addressing it. Mainly due to the Masterworks "On Kill" being hard to setup in a full group on GM 1 and 2. They do not have anything in the upcoming patch for the Ranger on the 12th however they are looking into it.

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Re: Dev live stream and Ranger.

★★★★★ Apprentice

I’m so excited that they’re at least putting thought into it! It’s by far my favorite class!!4

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Re: Dev live stream and Ranger.

★ Guide
Excellent, you definitely never get near 60 sec, (not even 20 under cover)

I'm all for these buffs Standard smile
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