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Re: Bulwark Shield

by Frozstee

Original Post

Bulwark Shield

★★★★★ Newbie

The bulwark shield needs a buff. I almost never use it because 90% of the time, the shield dies before I’m even done with the animation. It’s supposed to protect allies and be useful for reviving fallen teammates but it’s near useless because of how quickly it dies. Even on normal difficulty it dies in a matter of seconds. Please buff it so it can actually be a viable ability. 

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Re: Bulwark Shield

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Agreed. Really not even worth using right now. 

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Re: Bulwark Shield

★★★ Apprentice

Yeah as it stands end game its complete garbage. In GM 2 it melts in one shot..

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Re: Bulwark Shield

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in normal, depending on the enemy it gets 1 shot lol, the Ranger is totally screwed up, even his MW components are bound to melee when he's not even a melee Javelin lol.

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Re: Bulwark Shield

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Even with some of the buff's MW items the Bulwark is pretty pointless right now on GM+ I use it mainly to add a few seconds to healing others but thats it.

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Re: Bulwark Shield

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Its True . I have seen it get melted on Hard depending on the Enemy . It Should Protect !00 % but for Limited Time 5 / 10 / 15 Seconds  Depending on the Color Drop . Uncommon , Common ,Rare, . 

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Re: Bulwark Shield

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Another bump to this thread!

I had a feeling others had already noticed and posted about the uselessness of Bulwark Shield as it currently is. The -ONLY- time I ever use it now is if an ally goes down and I go to repair them, it offers a slight, very, very slight bit of protection to help the other Lancer back onto their feet before I go down from trying to repair them.


Also just to throw it out there, a Storm's Wind Wall has better protection than the Bulwark Shield. I dropped a Wind Wall with my uncommon Storm and it lasted nearly twice as long under the same amount of incoming fire / same difficulty than my rare Ranger's Bulwark Shield.

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