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Re: Bulwark Shield Buff/Idea

by Ron0x

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Bulwark Shield Buff/Idea

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The bulwark shield needs to be buffed some kind of way to make it viable. Based on the demo and recent gameplay videos on higher difficulty levels, as soon as its up it immediately gets shreds making it fairly useless from a tactical standpoint.


Some ideas:

  • Instead of having HP maybe put it on a timer with the common shields lasting shorter than obviously the higher versions of the shield.
  • Have it automatically replenish shields of all javelins inside; maybe add some health as well
  • If popped over downed javelins it repairs

This would also apply to Storm's wall as it can be shredded just as easily on higher levels. Will make a separate post in the Storm discussion

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Re: Bulwark Shield Buff/Idea

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I would like a timer too : this way, for rescuing a mate, or just for taking a break and wait for my shield to be back it would be useful.


As it is today, it is useless since it explodes as soon as you deployed it.


We can't use it for any situation : neither to help a mate in difficulty, nor to rescue one, nor to reload my rifle in a safe place, nor just to wait my shield to recover after having been hit.


For me, Something must be done about this ability to make it useful. And useful for the all team.


Have a nice day

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Re: Bulwark Shield Buff/Idea

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I've been waiting to unlock and earn more things before asking for a buff.

But what I have found to be effective is placing the bubble by cover. That way when you're not firing you prevent enemies from firing into the bubble, then you can pop out and fire without receiving return fire
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Re: Bulwark Shield Buff/Idea

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I agree with this. I hardly use Z on my ranger.
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