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Blast Missle

by Theory1O1

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Blast Missle

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Now I know the other missile, 'Seeker Missile' is the higher dmg missile but after many tests it seems Blast is very weak and maybe due to some bugs or oversight.  I know there is tons of affixs and such that maybe make this skill work better, however I can confirm as this ability's damage does not scale as the item level gets higher.  ALso it doesnt seem to have a much of a AOe, while it is there, well it sucks.  Maybe adding more missiles like 3 or 5 and increasing the AOE size a bit.  Also If the devs can confirm if the dmg isnt scaling up is a glitch or as intended, would be awesome to know as well.  

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Re: Blast Missle

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I'm right there with you. It's my opinion that the blast missle needs to have a wider AOE and increased damage seeing as it rangers only aoe weapon next to grenades. A three round magazine for it would be great aswell. 

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Re: Blast Missle

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I do think it's bugged. power 20 doing the same damage as a power 30 doesn't seem right.

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Re: Blast Missle

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Tooltip and numbers shown when in hits the target are bugged. 


Damage itself is not and that thing wrecks. From my estimation with Tanger's 50% blast damage inscription it does damage on par with Devastator shot, I'd say more even.


For example it completely strips shields of anything but legendary enemies on GM1, that with epic version, where for example I got masterwork Pulse Blast 10 levels higher and it is nowhere near they even when I switch gear to impact damage.


I have basically foregone all the combo play and rely on this one a lot because it's by itself already a super solid consistent damage and AoE at that.

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