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Re: Blast Missile does not combo

by Z1rk4l0y

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Blast Missile does not combo

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Hi all,


So, blast missile does not trigger combos.


I do not know if it is intended or not but it is kind of a deal breaker really...

This game seems to revolve around priming targets to set then up for combos.

Last missile does none of these two things.


Could we please have blast missile triggering combos?

And if not, can we please have the reasoning behing not going down that path?



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Re: Blast Missile does not combo

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Are you trying to combo with shield up? Seems status effects don't really apply unless shields are down. I too did notice not getting a lot of combos with it but thought it was the shield thing.

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Re: Blast Missile does not combo

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Blast Missile simply does not trigger combos at all.

The combos you got were probably triggered by your grenade.
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