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[FAQ] Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

by EA_Nils

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[FAQ] Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

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Welcome to PvZ Garden Warfare!  It's a grave new world, and we're happy to help you find your way around! 

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Opening your PvZ Garden Warfare Packs is a little bit like Christmas! You never know exactly what might be inside! Will you find a spiffy new hat? A saucy tattoo? An impressive upgrade for your weapon? The anticipation is just delicious!
To open your pack, you must first be logged into the game. Then, from the Main Menu, choose More > Redeem Code
At this point, you can either use your Kinect to scan the QR code or manually enter the 25-character code with your controller.
When your pack is unlocked, you will see a display of the items as they are sent to your inventory. Look for them later in your Stickerbook!
Depending on which retailer you pre-ordered from, your bonus rewards may arrive in printed form or via email.
To redeem your code, you must first be logged into the game. Then, from the Main Menu, choose More Redeem Code
If you receive a printed version, you can use your Kinect to scan the QR code or manually enter the 25-character code with your controller. 
If your code arrived in an email, please type the code in with your controller.
When your pack is unlocked, you will see a display of the items as they are sent to your inventory. Look for them later in your Stickerbook!
Welcome to PvZ Garden Warfare!  It's a grave new world, and we're happy to help you find your way around! To start with, there are a number of game modes to choose from. 
New in town? Start your visit on the Welcome Mat!
Choose Multiplayer in the Main Menu, then select Welcome Mat for your first game. Welcome Mat is like Garden Warfare basic training! You will play a Team Vanquish session (see below), and any players who are repeatedly vanquished will gain a health bonus upon respawning. Level up in Welcome Mat to unlock more game modes!
Multiplayer Mayhem: Team Vanquish
In Team Vanquish, you choose a side and join a team of Plants or Zombies. Unlike other game modes, you have only one objective: vanquish as many as you can from the opposing team! It's a botanical brawl where you don't go tiptoeing through the tulips unless you're sneaking up on someone.

Multiplayer Method: Gardens and Graveyards
If Team Vanquish is a free-for-all, Gardens and Graveyards is a tactical assault in which teamwork really will win the day! Play as a plant and defend your garden stronghold, or play as a zombie trying to invade and degrade it.

Multiplayer Match-up: Garden Ops
In co-op Garden Ops, up to four teammates defend their garden against ever-increasing zombie attack waves. You can create a public game (or join one already in progress), or you can create a private game to play with your friends!

Multiplayer Moderation: Classic 
Level the playing field by choosing Classic Mode! In this variant, all character customizations and upgrades are left behind in the locker room. Without any of your enhancements to rely on, teamwork is your primary tool! Classic mode options exist for Team Vanquish, Gardens and Graveyards, and Garden Ops.
Xbox One Exclusive Game Modes!
If you've got the latest and greatest innovation in gaming consoles (you can call it the Xbox One for short!), you have access to two exclusive modes in PvZ Garden Warfare!
Split-screen Co-op
If you've got a friend and a second controller for your Xbox One, you're set to enjoy Split-screen Co-op! It's an "endless" version of Garden Ops in which you team up to defend your garden against wave after wave of zombies. We say "endless" because there will be an end...only your skills and teamwork will hold it off, and then only for so long!
Boss Mode
Feeling a little superior today, a trifle arch? Indulge your grandiose side by playing as Dr. Zomboss! Can't overcome your urge to help out and take care of your friends and neighbors? Live up to your avuncular nature as Crazy Dave.  
Either way, you will be playing with a top-down, bird's eye view of the madness, assisting your teammates via health drops and air strikes! Don't get too comfortable in your lofty redoubt, though, because you are still vulnerable to a concentrated show of force from below!
Boss Mode can be enjoyed via standard controller, Kinect, or SmartGlass.
Congratulations on your acquisition! The first step to getting your goodies is entering your code. If you have not yet done so, see the instructions here. If you've already entered your code, your items have been delivered to your Stickerbook. 
Select Stickerbook in the main menu, and choose a character type to view. Items that have been unlocked for each character will be visible here. 
Additionally, you can select Characters in the main menu. On each character's detail view, you can see the customization options unlocked and available for outfitting or equipping that character.
While playing, you will also be kept informed of your inventory at crucial points. For instance, when you Summon plants or zombies, your summoning menu will display your full available inventory for any spawnable plants or zombies you have currently unlocked. When you are vanquished, you will be offered your Self-Revive inventory, if any.
Packs contain a variety of items to enhance or personalize your game. These may include Customizations to help your characters stand out in the horde! For instance:
  • Weapon Skins – Zombie weapons may start out the same, but zombie craftsmanship can surprise you with innovation! A weapon cannot be customized until it has been upgraded three times.
  • Facial Hair – Did you know that hair keeps growing when you’re a zombie? Let your zombies express themselves along the spectrum of Fu Manchu to ZZTop.  
  • Tattoos – Plants might be envious of zombies’ ability to grow a sweet ‘stache if it weren’t for The Pine Needle tattoo parlor that caters solely to the photosynthetizing crowd.
  • Organics – It's a zombie revolution, which calls for plant evolution! Plants can grow in strange and wonderful ways.
  • Hats – Crazy Dave didn’t mean to be a trendsetter when he first donned his cookware headgear, but now the zombies want in! In on the hats, I mean, because they already wanted in your front door. Plants too can model the latest fashions now that they are able to walk the runway.
  • Gestures – There is no penalty for taunting in the ZFL, so go all out! When you add Gestures to your character’s arsenal, you can learn to time these moves perfectly and torment each vanquished opponent!
  • Accessories – Personalize your characters with a wide range of items that aren’t hats, tattoos, or facial hair. Hipster zombies can wear glasses! Punk zombies can pierce their noses! Flag-carrying zombies can let their flags fly, freak or otherwise.
Another type of item you may find is called a Consumable. These are single-use items that disappear from your inventory when activated. Consumables include:
  • Garden Ops Self Revive – A Self Revive allows you to revive yourself rather than waiting for an ally to do it. There is a limit to how many times you can use Self Revive in a single game session.
  • Garden Ops Team Retry – If your team loses Garden Ops, you can use this to restart your team at the beginning of the last wave of Zombies to try again. There is a limit to how many Team Retry consumables your team can make use of in the same session.
  • Potted Plants – There are empty pots at several useful locations within Gardens & Graveyards mode. You can place plants in these pots to help defend your garden. Each time you do so, you consume one of the Potted Plants of the type you placed.
  • Summon Zombies – You will find a number of grave dirt piles in Gardens & Graveyards Mode. At those spots, you can summon zombies to fight for your cause! Each time you summon a zombie you consume one of that Zombie type.
  • Skip Challenge Star – Your character will face specific challenges that allow you to level up and earn stars. If you're not interested in a certain challenge but still want the reward, this consumable is your challenge-free ticket to star-town. Use this item to skip any challenge and mark it as automatically complete!
Then there are the really big guns. Literally. The final two categories of items are the rarest and most valuable to find: Characters & Weapon Upgrades.
  • Characters - In addition to the eight basic characters in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, there are special characters that can be unlocked through card packs. Packs may contain character pieces, such as an arm or a leg. As you collect those pieces, you will complete the image of the character. Once you have all five pieces, a character is unlocked for play.
  • Weapon Upgrades – Zombies carry weapons. Plants are weapons. But every weapon could use an upgrade! Upgrades boost weapon stats to help in the fight. For instance, a Zomboss Rapid Reloader will help cut back on precious time spent fumbling for an ammo clip with clumsy zombie fingers!
Finally, items in packs are classified as Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Super Rare. 
What do those classifications mean to me?
Mostly, when you open a pack and see what you've found, the classification of Rare or Super Rare means you've got something worth bragging about! Something that will be the envy of other players when they see you strutting (or shambling, as the case may be) down the garden path with items far more Rare than they have acquired.
Also, some items don't come in Common or Uncommon at all.  That means you're generally less likely to receive those types of items. It's impossible to know exactly what will be inside a pack before opening it, and items cannot be exchanged. We hope you find exactly what you're looking for every time! However, we can't refund or exchange opened packs.
Aw, c'mon, can't you give me a hint about what's in a certain pack?
Well, all right! If you want to make sure you're getting a particular type of item, this key will help you choose your packs.
  • Reinforcements Pack: This pack will include five consumables that will help you in your fight.
  • Super Duper Pack: These five items will be a mix of consumables and customization items. This pack is guaranteed to have at least one Uncommon item.
  • Craaazy Pack: These seven items will be a mix of consumables and customization items. With this pack, you are guaranteed to find at least one Rare item, maybe even a character piece!
  • Supremium Pack: This pack of nine items is likely to include character items and weapon upgrades. It's guaranteed to include at least one Super Rare item! If you're looking for a Super Rare character piece, this pack is a strong choice.
We'll keep this list updated as new and exciting packs are added!
If a zombie sat down to play Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, we can safely assume he'd employ the old button-masher method. But you'd probably like to get to know what the controls actually are! We're happy to help with that. You can probably guess that the left stick is for moving your character in every possible direction through this awesomely three-dimensional world! But there's so much more you can do! 
Aim: The left trigger zooms in your viewpoint to allow for precision when aiming.
Fire: It's called a trigger finger for a reason! Use your right trigger to fire your weapon.
Reload: When you've vanquished a foe, and your ammo is low, hit X, and you'll be good to go.
Jump: Don't get stuck in a loop, bumping your shins against a decorative garden wall! Just press A!
Rotate/Look: While the left stick is for movement, the right stick allows you to scan your surroundings! Looking around will not only help you sight targets and identify objectives, it will keep you alive.
Interact: This command may sound vague, but it's actually versatile! There are objects you can pick up and use, and this is how you engage with them. Interact also allows you to summon spawnable plants or zombies! Best of all, you can use Interact to revive fallen teammates! Have I sold you yet on the awesomeness of Interact? Would you believe you get all that (and more!) for the low, low price of tapping B on your controller? If it sounds too good to be true, that's probably because Dave is Craaazy.
Abilities: Characters have three special abilities that can be activated by three different buttons. Your left bumper activates Ability #1, the right bumper activates Ability #2, and the Y button activates Ability #3. You can tell which of your abilities are available to you by the status of the glowing icons on your screen. After using each ability, it will take time to recharge.
Gestures: Your d-pad can be configured to assign gestures of your choice to each of the four directions. Gestures are for taunting, goading, egging on, and generally provoking your opponents. You can unlock new gestures in packs!
Pause: This is where it's important to remember that you're in a multiplayer game!  Pausing only pauses you, not the world around you. Make sure you're in a secure position before tapping Menu on Xbox One or Start on Xbox 360 (to the right of the central Xbox button) to pause your experience. If you do this while out in the'll unpause only to respawn.
Scoreboard: To check how your team is doing vs. the opposing team, tap View on Xbox One or Back on Xbox 360 (to the left of the central Xbox button).

To avoid this issue:

  • Ensure that you are not in a party chat with your friends when starting the game.
  • Ensure that your headset is plugged in when you start the game.
  • Do not plug your headset in part way through a match.

If you encounter the issue, please do the following:

  • Close the game.
  • Ensure that you are not in a party chat with friends.
  • Plug in your headset.
  • Re-enter the game with the headset plugged in.
  • Enter gameplay with headset plugged in.

If all else fails, please turn off the console. Then turn the console on, plug in your headset and launch the title.




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