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problem with com.pogo.client.jvmtest.applet

by wilcox1973

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problem with com.pogo.client.jvmtest.applet

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Ever since we had to change internet carriers I have not been able to play Jungle Gin, Canasta and 1 or 2 other games in Pogo as a member. Each time I go in I get a message asking if I want to run com.pogo.client.jvmtest.applet, I select 'Run' but nothing happens after that. I have tried everything that the web tells me including uninstalling and reinstalling Java. This has been going on for several months.....please help!! My new e-mail address is [edit: email address removed]....




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Re: problem with com.pogo.client.jvmtest.applet


Is this what you are seeing?


If so, you click "run" and it still doesn't load? Is that correct?


What browser are you using?

What happens when you try another browser?


Have you cleared the java & Flash Cache in addition to the Browser Cache?


 Also, please click on the following link and then ‘copy and paste’ the displayed results into a reply here.

This will give us a general overview of your computer set-up and hopefully give us some pointers to help.

Can you also please let us know which anti-virus software you are using?



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