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fb connect library is missing

by dkwill3333

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fb connect library is missing

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i am logged in on my sisters account and she had me to contact you because she gets the message that i typed in the subject line when trying to connect to pogo.can you help her? you can send me an email at my yahoo address which is [Personal information removed for security reasons] or call her at [Personal information removed for security reasons], or email her at  [Personal information removed for security reasons] you

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Re: fb connect library is missing

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Please redact all of the personal information that you have just posted. 

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Re: fb connect library is missing

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I dont want to be connected to face book managed to get rif of it once next morning it was back 

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Re: fb connect library is missing

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Causes of Javascript errors can be from damaged registry files, malware, viruses & corrupted

data. These errors are often caused by improper maintenance of your system.


I've seen at least 20 different solutions so you may have to try a few to find a workaround.

If the error thrown isn't affecting playing your games, I suggest to just turn off Javascript notification.

If you have an extension for AdBlock or blocking script, disable it. Check to make sure you have

Javascript enabled in your browser.  (not Java but Javascript)  If you have other privacy or blocking

extensions or toolbars, try disabling them to see if you're then able to play.


Here are various suggestions in no particular order or recommendation:         

Clear your caches.

Check to make sure you have Javascript enabled in your browser.

Whitelist for the embedded games to work properly.
Try playing with a different browser.

Turn off your "Do not track" option. 

Turn on your "Do not track" option. 


If you're using Firefox as your preferred browser, here's a link:  Firefox fb connect


If you're using Chrome, play incognito mode:    tool icon or Ctrl + Shift + N

To turn off scripting errors go Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab

                                                                > uncheck "Display notification about every script error"


*** Your system may vary from this example.  You may need to relaunch your browser

in order for any changes to take effect. ***


After performing these troubleshooting tips, if you're still experiencing issues,

please post back here with your Operating System & your browser details plus

the name of the game(s) where you get this error.   Thank you.   Good luck!


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Re: fb connect library is missing

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I just found this information on the Pogo forums:  "It's a glitch that has been going on

for QUITE A LONG TIME now. When Pogo_Tboo was still around, she had been looking

in to it, but nothing has been done about it since then."


So the easiest method might be to add as an exception to your pop-up

blocker. Also add it to your Antivirus program or firewall if you have that option.

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