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Welcome to Pogo on Answers HQ!

by EA_Kristi

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Welcome to Pogo on Answers HQ!

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Community Manager (retired)

Greetings all Pogo players and Welcome to Answers HQ Pogo forum!


This will be a one stop shop for guides on how to Ask, Answer and Level Up! 


In this thread we will be posting guides on how to gett around on Answers HQ and may be even more ... Wink So keep an eye this for more updates.


Topics we will cover (click on the question to see the guide): 

Have any additional questions about how Answers HQ works - drop me - EA_Kristi - a Private Message (clickclick the blue links Wink) and we will do our best to get it added.


So let's go exploring!



From EA_Kristi

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How to search for answers

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Community Manager (retired)

Here you are on Answers HQ Pogo! Do you have a question?

Yes! Well then, I do believe we may have some answers Standard smile

Pogo forum on Answers HQ has been around for few years now and we have accumulated a host of questions and answers. It could be, that the question you have, has already been asked and answered.

This post will walk you through how to quickly search through the tons of info we have here on Answers HQ Pogo!

PS! Before we get started let me link you to our mega awesome Solutions & Workarounds post (remember blue and underlined word are links - clickclick). This post contains the most frequently asked questions AND solutions on Pogo. I know, I know - it's HUGE, but hit Ctrl and F keys on your keyboard and search for a keyword - cards not moving? Ctrl F and look for CARDS. Got something? There you go Standard smile

So Searching!
The easiest way to search is to start typing in that big 'Search or ask a question Box':



As you can see our search automatically gives you some suggestions! Just click on any those results and it will bring you to the thread - at the top are the most viewed posts! 


The suggestions don't look promising? Don't worry you can see more! Just type in your search query and hit the Enter key. Now we are getting some more results! On the full search page, you can browse all the results for your search and narrow the results down. For example, tick the 'By Metadata' - 'Solved' and you will only see threads that have a marked Solution.


Search Tip: you can make the search look for specific words! For example, you wish to see threads for questions about Solitaire Gardens? Use quotation marks around your search word - "Solitaire gardens". Doing this ensures that only results containing that exact combination of words are displayed.

Search Tip 2:  When using the search also check the dates on the posts (date is in the top right corner of the post). More recent replies are better as they are likely to be more accurate than the replies from 2013 for example.



Have more questions or tips about the AHQ search? Send me a PM (did you click?)!


Thank you for your attention!


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How to post

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Community Manager (retired)

The search wasn't so helpful Disappointed?


Well, let's ask a question then Standard smile


If you are on the Pogo forum you will see the big 'New Topic' button on the right hand side:


Hit that and you will see this (without the big red numbers of course):




Now this is relatively simple and straight forward.

  1. Type in your subject line - this should be a short summary of your question. For example: Cards in Spades don't move
  2. Ask the question- please provide as much detail as possible.
  3. The submit button will post your question. Please note that this button will not appear unless you have typed something in the body of the post. Also you need to pick a subject line.

And thats that -  your post has now been made visible to all other players and answers will soon be incoming Standard smile


Posting tip: See that paper clip icon in the picture above? That browser button will allow you to attach files, screenshots for example. As they say - "A picture is worth a thousand words"!


Want to reply to a post instead?


All you need to do is select the 'Reply' button on any of the posts!


Have more questions or tips about posting on AHQ? Send me a PM (Wink)!


Thank you for your attention!


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How to find my post and the replies

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Community Manager (retired)

So you made a post? Good! Can't find it again? Easy!


It is actually very simple and there are 2 ways to do it Standard smile


Way number 1

When you make a post on Answers HQ, you are automatically subscribed to that topic/thread. So each time someone replies to that thread an email is sent to your email address that is linked to the account you used here on Answers HQ - see Way number 2 for instructions on how to find out what email you have on the account! Once you receive the email, just click on the link in the big blue link with the threads subject line and you will be taken directly to the thread.




Way number 2


Trying to see your account email or check up on your older posts? Let's head to your Profile page in the top right hand corner of Answers HQ:




The above drop down menu will show if you click on the little arrow next to your name - select 'Profile'. 


Welcome to your Profile page! There is a lot of info here so take time to explore, but we want to find your email and then check out old posts, right?

Right! Account email can be seen by clicking the + sign next to 'Private Statistics'. Don't worry no one else but you (and site Administrators like me - EA_Kristi) can see this info.


As for your previous posts, these will show up in your activity feed on the right. Scroll down a bit and click 'View All' to see all of your previous posts - click on the thread subject line to quickly jump into the thread again Standard smile


Finding posts Tip: You can set a bookmark or a favorite (Chrome/Firefox - 2 links in there Standard smile) for your profile page for easy future access.


Have more questions or tips about finding posts on AHQ? Send me a PM (Really? Again...Ugh)!


Thank you for your attention!


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XP and Solutions - what they are and how they work?

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Community Manager (retired)

Want to say "Thank You" for good advice? Want to recognize a good post? Use XP and Solutions!


These tools allow you, and other players, give thumbs up when you see a good post. It also let other players know if a posts was the Solution to your question.


Having a Solution marked on a thread makes it easier for future players using search find answers to their questions! Only you can Accept a Solution on a thread you create -  well actually so can I and some other VERY high ranking community members (more on them in the future Standard smile).


So go forth and explore click that XP button XP.PNGif a post is helpful or clearly/cleverly written or even just makes you laugh because it's so silly Standard smile


And if someone answers your question? AccSol.PNG



Have more questions or tips about XP and Solutions? Send me a PM!


Thank you for your attention!


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