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Pogo Games not loading

by heartcondition

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Pogo Games not loading

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Please help, some of my favorite games on Pogo won't load.  I seem unable to contact EA or Pogo directly.  The games that won't load include Crossword Cove, Trivial Pursuit and Bingo Luau.  This just started a few days ago. I am so frustrated, I am disabled and spend a lot of time playing games on my computer.  I have checked Java, Media Player, my 3 browsers which are AOL, Google Chrome and Firefox, my computer, run scans and deleted caches.  Nothing helps.  What is going on?  Thanks, Heartcondition

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Re: Pogo Games not loading

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Not sure if this will help some players. But I discover this after I bought a new laptop.  I was thinking something was wrong with my other laptop. My games stop loading, all I was getting was "game loading". When I got my new laptop the games was loading. Then it was a few days later they stopped loading. I knew it couldn`t be my laptop cuz it was new! So I went and done like pogo said. I even uninstalled java and then reinstalled java. Still nothing all I was getting was "game loading". I keep trying for a few days. Then I went back to java and again it said I was up to date. I always put the check mark in java to not store temp files. So I thought "well let me take that out and try". Low and behold the games loaded! So I went and got my older laptop and did the same thing and took the check out in java. Now the games load on my old computer! If I knew that was the problem I could have saved $700 on the new laptop. So I want to pass alone this and maybe it will help others that may have this trouble.

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Re: Pogo Games not loading

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Hello sherry652002

Welcome to the Answer HQ!

This is indeed a solution whenever a loading issue occurs, it's clearing Java cache and it's a very good advice.


We also recommended to clear Java cache in the checklist on this thread: "[Troubleshooting steps] - Java & loading issues"


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Re: Pogo Games not loading

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none of my pogo games are loading

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Re: Pogo Games not loading


laydieflamegg wrote:

none of my pogo games are loading

Please see if this thread, Click:

games won't load



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Pogo change in spades

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I now click a game room and it will place me at a game table in spades with a friend that is there.  I get no lobby, cannot decide which friend to join.  Was actually placed at a table with a friend and another who I had blocked, oh joy, sucked.


I want a lobby, I want to chose my game table and options.  Fix this please,  I have friends how have been with pogo since the beginning who will not renew.  I am one of them.  Rather play safe harbor, at least I get to chose who I play with, graphics are not as good, but I load every time, and they cost nothing!

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Re: Pogo change in spades

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Just to let you know, there is nothing to be fixed.  What happened is your friend that you joined

hit play people to join the game they are at.  so when you click on their name from your friends

list you will be sent straight to the tabl, and if there is an open chair you land in the chair, if all

seats are taken, then you will be watching.  To avoid this happening again, expain to your

friend to pick a chat room, rather then hit play people.  If they choose a chat room then you

will end up in the lobby of their game when you click them from your friends list.


that is what I have had to do with the friend I go and watch from time to time.  


If you are not sure, then make note of the game room, and go to the game, then the chat room for

that game your friend is in, and look them up on who's here list, to find the table they are at, you

can then figure out where you wish to sit.


btw, this method is used in all the new embedded table games.

Please note that, I was not an EA employee, or Pogo employee,

I left by the request from Pogo
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