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can you make Jungle Gym bigger?

by Slly1615

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can you make Jungle Gym bigger?

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please make Jungle Gin bigger.

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Re: can you make Jungle Gym bigger?

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@Slly1615 make jungle gin bigger on the screen..?

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Re: can you make Jungle Gym bigger?

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@Slly1615 make jungle gin bigger on the screen..?
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Re: can you make Jungle Gym bigger?

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@Slly1615It is possible to make a larger screen for the Jungle Gin game, if you are having trouble seeing the numbers on the cards. I have not found a way to enlarge the screen inside the game. Many games allow that but I don't see a way for this game. However, you can go into your browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc) and increase the size of the screen from there.

I attached a screen shot showing that this is possible. I went into my MS Edge browser and increased the screen size from 100% to 150%. For MS Edge, there are 3 horizontal dots in the upper right corner. If you use Edge, click on these dots and when the drop down menu appears, find the word Zoom and click on the + button to increase the size to the size you want.

If you use Google Chrome, look in the same upper corner for 3 vertical dots and find Zoom to increase the screen size.

If you use a different browser let me know which one, and I try to will find the way for you to find the Zoom option to increase screen size.

WARNING: Making this Zoom size change will make ALL your screens larger, which you may not want outside of the Jungle Gin game. So while playing Jungle Gin, you can increase the screen size through the Zoom option in your browser. But after you are finished playing this game, go back into your browser and reset the Zoom size back to 100% by clicking on the - sign to decrease the screen size.

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