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album qwerty game

by Katmomdo22

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album qwerty game

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i need to make 900 3 times in this album to get badge. just made first 900 score but did not receive credit for it. I am playing against computer which I prefer. Why cant badges be earned paying this game as well as Jungle Gin against the computer,



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Re: album qwerty game

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You absolutely can play against the robots.  However, you must first enter a chat room and sit at an empty table in order to change the options.


Below the game window are 4 tabs.  Click on the Chat Rooms tab and select a game room to enter.  Once you've entered the game room, find an empty table and click on one of the Play buttons.


The options box will pop up and you can set your game ending score along with any other options you wish to choose.


Now towards the bottom of the options box will be an option to Make Table Private.  Tick the box for that option and then enter a password of your choosing into the text box.  Once you've done that, click the Play button.


Good luck.

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