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Re: Zuma's Revenge! Peggle Slots

by Just4FunThisTyme

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Zuma's Revenge! Peggle Slots

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Was playing both o.k. for awhile.  Now games won't start.   Message says  "Adobe Flash plug-in has crashed".  I try to reload page and get another message ... "Whoops.  Sorry.  There appears to have been an error retrieving your friends."  What's going on, please, anybody???????

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Re: Zuma's Revenge! Peggle Slots

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It's difficult to offer advice without knowing anything about your set-up.  Please click on the blue HERE links below then copy the displayed information and paste that information into your reply back here. This will give us a general overview on your computer set-up and hopefully give us some pointers to help:


  • Your Flash Version - Available HERE
  • Your System Information - Available HERE
  • The name of your anti-virus software.


For instructions on how to Copy and Paste please click on this link HERE


For example:


Flash Version: 118,0,0,209 installed

System Information:
Browser = Firefox 39.0
Cookies Enabled? = true
Do Not Track = unspecified
Resolution = 1600 x 900
OS = Windows 8.1
Flash version = 18.0.0
Java Versions installed = 1.8.0_51

Anti-virus software: AVG (Free Edition 2014)

Thanks, Just  Image


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Re: Zuma's Revenge! Peggle Slots

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Hi Just4FunThisTyme ....


Thanks for your response.  When I asked for Pogo help, I forgot that I can ask local 'tech support' ... my 13-year old granddaughter who lives across the street!  She immediately solved the problem and I'm happily playing all the new slot games!


Thanks again.



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