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Logging In issue

by sherbear1168

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Re: Logging In

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Community Manager (retired)

Hello everyone,


Here are some suggestions and troubleshooting steps that might help if you cannot sign in for Pogo.

Note: if you are using an Aol browser, please read this thread.


  • Deleting your cookies
    The cookies are used to store some data on your computer so the next time you go to pogo page; it will automatically logs you if the cookie is still there. If it does not work as intended, it is possible that the cookie file has encountered a problem, and then you have to delete it.

  • Clearing Your Browser's/deleting Temporary Internet Files
    Clearing your browser cache can fix many common issues with web-based games.
    To proceed, please read this article: Clearing Your Browser's Cache

  • Clearing your Java cache
    Please note: Java cache is different than your Browser cache and  can be a quick and easy fix.
  • Anti-virus, firewall, ad blocking, and pop-up blocking software
    The most common causes of problems that players encounter when playing our games are simply caused by anti-virus, firewall, ad blocking, and pop-up blocking software.In this case, you should refer to the software’s manual or help files for detailed instructions on how to make the desired changes to the software.

If you continue experiencing difficulty after following these steps, please keep posting here with more details on your issue such as the error message (if any), the browser used…Do not hesitate to describe the situation as much as possible  this will help us diagnose this error.


Thank you.

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Re: Signing in to club pogo

Community Manager (retired)

Hello jarmey1


Can you please try the troubleshooting steps in this topic and tell us if this helps you with this issue.
We would ask you to post in this thread if the issue persist.
Note: we will merge your question to the thread
for greater readability in the forum.

Thank you.



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Re: pogo sign in wont work

Community Manager (retired)

Hello rob72lh


There is an existing thread for this issue where we gather all information and similar questions.
Can you please try the solutions provided and let us know if this helps you or if you continue experiencing difficulty.


Note: we will merge your question to this topic.


Thank you.

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Re: cant click on any games in room wont load them why help me

Community Manager (retired)

Hello everyone,


Can you please refer to this thread and tell us if the solutions work for you please?

If not, please provide more details on this issue with the error message, description of the situation...

We will merge the posts in a one unique topic. 


Thank you.

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signing in

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why do i have to sign in every time i change from one game to another. I dont sign out of pogo to get from one game to another.It is becoming a nusence.You  make it so difficult to ask a question. My problem is not with any product you have listed. Why cant i simply ask the question without a product?

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answer to last question.

★★★ Newbie

i dont have a problem with any game. My question is why do  i have to sign in every time i change games.

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log in

★★★ Newbie

Why do I have to sign in every time I go to Pogo?  I press "remember me", but I always have to sign in.

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Re: log in

Community Manager (retired)


Hi Lidodriver


Your question has been redirected to this thread where you will find a fix:

This situation might be due to the cookie.


We hope this helps.

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Re: [Troubleshooting steps] - Java & loading issues

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I can't even log onto Pogo as a member, only as a guest.  I've done everything that has been suggested and still nothing has been resolved.  I want to cancel my subscription but, can't log onto my account to do so.  My renewal is fast approaching what am I to do? Thanks, ozzy86465

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