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So many problems. You solve one and cause 2 more...

by DesertMan3892

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So many problems. You solve one and cause 2 more...

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I'm the only person I know that hasn't sold anthem or traded it in due to all the bugs that are making it impossible to play. I stopped playing for 3 weeks until the health bug was fixed (thank you for this). However now this "Looter-Shooter" refuses to give me LOOT. I have just completed heart of the rage stronghold and got 2 masterworks (that I saw) amongst loads of epics and rares. 


So the end of the expedition results are lagging as usual and I have to skip results otherwise I sit there for 15-20 mins waiting for them to be recorded for a pop up to appear saying connection problem, unknown error. I restart game, no loot or elysian items. Restart console, no loot or elysian items. I go to my forge and my beautiful red patterned storm is now a dull metal mixed with leather and stuff I've never even equipped before? So basically I get no loot and a defaulted javelin every game session? 


Thanks for patch though. Helped with absolutely * ALL!!!

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