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Re: Ps4 became hot

by Ishguardian

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Ps4 became hot

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Every time I enter the game my ps4 turns to fire and loud voice when you will release update to fix it and some people their ps4 stoped working its really a big problem the game has been released for weeks and till today they didn’t fix it

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Re: Ps4 became hot

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Not that i wanted too but i now run this game in 1080P instead of 4K. My PS4 is much less noisy.

(Sound and Screen Menu) if you want to give it a try on your PS4

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Re: Ps4 became hot

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It's pretty normal for some games to heat up the PS4.  Sony has said a number of times in press releases not to worry about it too much, the system is desined to handle it.  Dont riun it like that for 8 hours or something, take breaks in other words, and you should be okay.


With that said, open it up and clean the inside out.  I cleaned off the fan inside and the noise was dramatically reduced.  Also, lifting the ps4 off the surface of whatever it's on can help the heat a little bit  I put some thick rubber footies on the bottom of mine to lift it up about 1/4th on an inch, and it helps the heat dissipation.  

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Re: Ps4 became hot

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I clean my PS4 Pro frequently (strip down, compressed air, thermal paste, etc) and Anthem still managed to overheat my system to the point the fan couldn't cool it anymore and forced it to shut down. My PS4 is in a cool/well vented area. I'll never purchase a BioWare product again. Anthem was my first and my last.


I'd strongly suggest you fellas stay away from Anthem for the sake of your hardware. ESPECIALLY if your PS4 is over a year old and never been cleaned (you'll be donig permanent damage to your system everytime you play this game.)


Mortal Kombat in 3 days. Everything Anthem will be expelled from my mind. Good riddance.

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Re: Ps4 became hot

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Myself i have my PS4 Pro elevated to allow more airflow underneath. Basically i have wooden dowels 3 stacks high in each corner.

Also defeats the whole purpose of having a 4K tv and PS4 Pro but i run Anthem @1080P, my system is then not nearly as loud 


Edit: did not realize this was an older post and i had answered already, oh well. lol

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Re: Ps4 became hot

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Remove the dust from your side vents and keep your PS4 away from the heater.  Anthem pushes your console pretty hard.

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