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Problem with their game

by carolbrennan

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Problem with their game

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I played Anthem and got as far as level 22 or 23 and had a power level of just under 300 and when I logged back into the game it was gone. I had to start the whole game from scratch has anyone ever have this to happen to them. I feel like uninstalling the game and the constant game crashed are pissing me off. Please help me or some one give me some advice
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Re: Problem with their game

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There have been reports of this.  For some people, signing out of PSN (from the account menu), shutting down the system (not just sleep) rebooting and signing back in often fixes it.  Some people have had to restore licenses (from the menu).  I wish you would have contacted support or people on the forums before starting all over, it's likely your data was still around, just getting to you from the server.

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