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Re: Patch notes incorrect

by W2RD-1982

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Patch notes incorrect

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The end mission bug is still present. I donno what u got from chests still...


I have no idea how this passed QA testing as fixed... disappointment again.... 

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Re: Patch notes incorrect

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I’m sick of force close and restart every time when stuck in mission end screen.


i still cannot see my loot from chests . But now being forced to force close the game I can see it ...


Is this the fix for the chest cashes? ... Where is the QA testing on pre-live server? 


Is anyone one anymore on this forum?

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Re: Patch notes incorrect

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Anyone?  I'm here.  Do you mean staff?  They are...reclusive to be nice about it.  I've had the same issue as you though, I just skip the results screen as soon as it appears and that works mostly.

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