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Re: Less Loading-Screens

by Bingostar1972

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Less Loading-Screens

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What the hell ...


Preload (static rules, remove flexibility for better user experience), hiding the lagecy loadscreen concept.

While checking loot and XPs from Mission a preload can be achived in background for a fixed next destination: "Landing Bay (Platform)" (No choice for players)

The platform is part of Taris so no further load is needed. To get to the forge you can take the computer already part of the game (and should be part of the landing bay).

Let players choose the Javlin which need to be edited and deliverd to the forge, in this time you can pre-load in the background.

It feels like nobody of the responsible desinger looked at games on marked like WoW, The devision and implemented from destiny what players hated in the past.


Why a static loading screen is part of a game which is released in 2019, there should be no need for and stop the feeling for "open world" - other games on market do it well.


Check concepts please. The subject is a blot on the game

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Re: Less Loading-Screens

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I am a fan of Bioware games, but too much load screen (1-3 mn to wait each time), + all the pilot errors, + the PS4 Pro fan turning constantly kill the game for me...

And I don't speak about the poor story content...


Anthem is poorly coded, it is a shame for a Bioware game...

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Re: Less Loading-Screens

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I agree there should be ways for the developers to mitigate load screens.  A poster in another thread mentioned that it might have to do with the Frostbite engine, which uses a 'cell' system for games and keeps things separate from each other.  So they might not be able to start loading a cell, or part of a cell, while we are inhabiting another cell.  All the way back to the first Mass Effect we had a lot of loading screens, they were just better able to hide them.


it is ridiculous to go through this though, whatever the reason.  It IS okay to use a different engine, Bioware, if that's the problem.  Many development studios use the engine that is right for the product, rather than try to force an engine to do things it's not intended for.


Here is what it looks like, as everyone knows, to go to a mission: LOAD forge to select javelin and load out, LOAD environment when you leave the forge such as Tarsis or Launch bay (why cant you go to mission select straight from forge?), LOAD mission, LOAD any additional areas in mission (some times as many as 3 additional loads depending on where the mission takes us), LOAD mission finish screen.  LOAD launch bay or Tarsis.  Do it all again.


I've been running quick-play missions back to back the past few days to finish off that stupid Legion board.  Some of those missions load me in right at the end so very shortly I'm back at another load screen for the mission complete.  So I might spend about HALF MY TIME over an hour or 2 looking at load screens and fiddling about in menus.


Forget how long the loading takes, I have simply never seen a game with so many load screens that occur in such quick succession.

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Re: Less Loading-Screens

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A quick slot of selected javelin load out would be great.  Save forge for cosmetics and selecting javelins.  The constant waiting for people to load after missions becsuse they wanted to equip a small upgrade they got really slows the game down alot. All you need is a generic schematic of selected javelin tab that you can change weapons, gear, support, ect.  


Another nice addition would be go to ready screen instead of fort, forge, launch bay. A simple default when you hit circle would work.

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Re: Less Loading-Screens

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At the end of the mission, it should have a button you can hold down to skip the rewards presentation. It's a waste of time, I don't care about any of the information it presents.

There should also be a way to start missions from the forge. Tarsis is useless once you reach end-game, it's an added load time just to collect three missions.

Instead of mission end, reward, forge, Tarsis, restart.

It should be mission end, forge, restart.


I don't think you can blame the game engine for needing three load screens just to get back to where you were, that's bad design Standard smile

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Re: Less Loading-Screens

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I would like rewards presentation to be skippable or sped up as well, I doubt much will change here though since they are selling animations that only show up on this screen.  They will want these animations to be seen so those that dont have them might consider purchasing them.


It's pretty clear though that we are all tired of the 5 to 10 minute down time between missions due to these superfluous screens and these asinine loading screens..  Some of these missions are extremely shorter than the process of getting back into a mission.

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