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Re: Heart of Rage starting at boss & I know why


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Heart of Rage starting at boss & I know why

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Everytime I start the Heart of Rage I get thrown straight to the boss battle with one person trying to hulk the Monitor. Here's why. Everyone is leaving at the second chest and no one is fighting him. So you have all these open games on the server and it's prioritizing these. If people had an incentive to actually defeat these bosses instead of one measly trash rolled masterwork that most of us have had 50 of matchmaking may actually become a bit better. Just my opinion.

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Re: Heart of Rage starting at boss & I know why

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Easy fix? Have every phase of the monitor have the same loot table as the last phase if I have a chance at a legendary 3 times on the last boss you bet I'll go the distance..pretty sure most people would just my 2 cents

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Re: Heart of Rage starting at boss & I know why

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This issue stems from the loot issue imo.


Myself personally am gear locked at 662 MW on my colossus, ranger and 676 storm. I've played the hell out of anthem and run multiple strongholds, contracts, quick play(if working) to get only 4 legendaries across my whole account even have my Mark of Ruin now turned a MW which was legendary and my legendary is now Amulet of Winter.


I'm not fussed with this but it gates players who want to move past GM 1 and do not have 3 other squad members constantly online so you need to be pretty geared yourself to go randoms just in case people aren't as geared etc.


unless this latest loot fix is a significant increase in drops i fear everyone will continue to leave as the bosses are bullet sponges and not worth the effort.


having legendary gear will help move upto GM 2/3 naturally but unable too Frown

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Re: Heart of Rage starting at boss & I know why

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Hi guys we are working on a fix for this . If anyone is getting meaningful loot we will patch it within 30 mins because it's a "bug" but for actual problems like this its ganna take a few months . Plz keep grinding our game and remember if you make any meaningful headway you will be banned for "exploits" . It's not our fault that we did zero QA on this game and gave everything a flat loot table because anything else would have taken more then a day and we just cant have that . 


So yeah enjoy the 3 contracts and 3 strongholds(if they dont just up and vanish) cuz that's all your getting for like at least 3 months.  I mean we only have like 500 people working on this game so you cant expect things to get fixed in a timely manner unless it's fun... anything fun will take president over all other game breaking bugs . We dont want anything fun happening in our game now you hear... 


                                               Worse regards,

                                                    A dying company

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