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Re: Freeplay Deserted

by Seliane

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Freeplay Deserted

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Found myself in an empty server today for about an hour until I just quit. Other servers I've been in have had 3 people at most and lots of times just 1 other person. Today is Saturday in most places. Just find it kinda interesting...I guess people really are leaving.

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Freeplay Deserted on PS4

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Just finished on an empty server; was just me for about an hour. Before that I was on a few servers with the most being 2 others. Kinda interesting. I guess people really are leaving. 😏

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Re: Freeplay Deserted on PS4

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They also screwed up chest loot in the patch, so that's why I stopped running it. Don't need more embers. 

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Re: Freeplay Deserted on PS4

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Considering all I get from free play is embers and have no way of tracking events, free play is stupidly unrewarding, so yeah. That is why it seems empty

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Re: Freeplay Deserted

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Before the last patch I spent a lot of time in gm3 freeplay hunting them elusive lemons 🍋. But since the patch chests have become useless, usually yielding just embers with possibly a purple engram drop and the world event chests are almost as bad. Freeplay was a viable way to hunt lemons, not a broken way, I’m 100% against the recent changes to the fp loot tables and I’ve not even bothered to do fp since the patch.

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Re: Freeplay Deserted

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Freeplay crashes too much for me.  It's very rare I can make it to the expedition screen when I leave.  I simply don't do Freeplay any more.

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Re: Freeplay Deserted

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Saturday i spent a good 3-4 hours alone in free play, im not sure if the time limit applies to free play as well or if the game is dieing.

Wouldnt be surprised at either. im also never finding any strongholds to join in on with quick play.
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Re: Freeplay Deserted

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Yep FP and missions zero lemmons, GM2 can maybe get 1 every 8 hrs in strongholds, from red bars not chests, never had a lemon for a chest yet, also don't play these no point.
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Re: Freeplay Deserted

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It is a boring and uninteresting mode, clearly badly planned as 90% of the game... 


I understand all the comments of other users completely, if there is no challenge or reward, better to waste time in main mode xD

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